Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hidden Treasures in a Chaotic Day

I love listening in on my kids conversation..not in a creepy stalker mom like way...just hearing special conversations shared with one another and hearing things that a mom might not otherwise know.

Ryan had a friend over today and I was listening to him while I was doing laundry.
Friend: "Don't you have a sister? Where is she?"
Ryan: "She's at track. She's REALLY good. Like she runs fast and everything."
Friend: "Like a train track?"
Ryan: "Yeah just like that but around the outside of the school. And she goes faster than a train I think. She's cool".
Friend: "I like trains. That's cool that your sister can go faster."
I couldn't help but laugh, and also feel so much pride hearing Ryan talk about his big sister.

I also love that my big boys are so close. At night I hear them giggling and after the millionth time I remind them to be quite I listen in. I hear secrets about girls or friend problems or something funny that happened at school. I absolutely love to hear them talking and sharing about so many things in their lives. I love how they bring each other up to date on current events of the 5th and 3rd grade... and share secrets with each other or ask for advice.

My favorite though is when I catch Jenna and Tyler carrying on conversations when they think no one is around. They are the ones that have the most sibling rivalry, but when it comes down to it they also have a great admiration for one another. He asks her advice on girls or drawing, and in return he is helping her learn to play the Playsation so she can have something to discuss w/ a boy she is a little interested in. She even allowed him in her room this week...this is a huge step. Her room is like a secret area to the's almost a black hole of sorts with magical powers that only she can enjoy...they always peek in when she opens the door hoping to catch a glimpse of something truly exciting....Chase is the only one who is not scared to enter without being asked. But he's not scared of much. The others just wait by the door to speak with her...sometimes even speaking through the door. Cracks me up!

Another favorite is hearing Chase sing himself to sleep and read himself books that I've read to him before. He mixes up words, adds is own, and changes words to the song...I could listen to him forever. I think I will keep the monitor in his room forever just to hear him talking.

With the kids growing up so fast I am trying to breath in every second of hidden treasures that I can. I am missing so many things already. Things I never thought I'd miss...middle of the night snuggles, the joy of finding new teeth, early morning snuggle time (on the weekends they all sleep past 8 and I'm actually up before they are now), needing mommy to feed them, or brush their teeth, or even singing time before rubbing their backs...Jenna and the big boys think they are too old for this now... at least they still like their one on one hugs and kisses from mommy and the love notes I leave in their lunch boxes:)

I love finding hidden treasures within my days of chaos. Makes it all worth it!

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  1. Amen! Really sweet post. I am so glad that Cooper and Marlee have one another. I love to watch their relationship grow each day. It warms my heart so much.