Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Hello sore muscles I forgot I had"

Oh my goodness I am totally loving this new DVD. I actually look forward to doing it and think about when I can do it again. I went to Zumba this morning with very sore thigh muscles...inner thigh muscles to be exact...probably ones that haven't been used since my gymnastics days. After Zumba I was super exhausted and needed a nap...but with this cute little man constantly following me around saying "Mama Mama" "Please" "Mine" "Please Mama Mama!"

There was no way I could even sit for a minute to rest. And there was a pile of laundry a bajillion (as I am sure all of you know this is truly a number when it comes to laundry)miles high. I was able to make a small dent in it...but then we went to the mall...and came home with more clothes b/c Old Navy was having a super duper sale. And now the pile is bigger! I have yet to figure out why I buy the kids more clothes to make my laundry increase...especially when they really aren't lacking anything. I went to get a few things for my brother's baby boy he had this week...but ended up with stuff for my kids too. All I know is it's probably a good thing I only have one girl...b/c Gap and Gymboree tutu's, tights, dresses and hair bows kept catching my eye. And trying to convince a 13 year old girl you want to put her in tights and tutu's was a no go. Don't get me wrong she loves to shop...just not the cutsie stuff I want to put her in.
I even called hubby from the mall asking if we could please try for another girl. I have her name picked out and everything. He hung up on me! UGH! Maybe when we win the lottery he'll let me adopt! Then we could afford all the cute clothes and Pottery Barn rooms we wanted:)

Okay that was a long winded random mess of craziness! Back to my sore muscles...I'm really sore. Like sore where it hurts to bend down and pick up little Monkey, or chase him around, or even to tie my shoes. It's starting to get better after a lot of stretching today. I decided that since I went to Zumba I would skip the Boot Camp DVD...but I'm already planning it for tomorrow during naptime.

And the best news of all....drum roll please...I've lost 2 pounds this week since I started doing it. This is great since the scale hasn't moved in two weeks! I am only a couple pounds shy of my first 10 pound weight loss and hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can say good-bye to the 140's. Then I can get my first goal prize...a new workout outfit. I need different pants that won't make my butt look so jiggly during Zumba. I currently wear Old Navy sweats that are kinda like yoga pants...really comfy but really make my booty jiggle.
So I need suggesstions for good workout pants...inexpensive and not booty and thighs are too large for spandex.
Okay ya'll have a good rest of the weekend...I'm hitting the bed so I can have energy for tomorrow. Grocery shopping, baseball try-outs, and of course my new DVD! And that bajillion mile high laundry pile....bleck!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ready for a February Challenge?

I am I am...

After doing The 30 Day Shred during the month of January...I got bored. As much as I like it I am a high intensity aerobic wannabe (which is why I love Zumba). I felt after The Shred I still needed a run or fast walk or something was missing. So this week while I was at Target they had several new DVD's on sale ($10 woo hoo!). Several years ago I used to workout to Denise Austin in the mornings before the kids would got up. She was on TV for two 30 minute segments. One was usually cardio/weights and the other was a pilates/yoga type. I loved it. I bought a couple of her Yoga and Dance DVD's and really like them.

Well, I saw this one...

She says 3 weeks Body Boot Camp...drop two dress sizes. It is broken into two 20 minute workouts - one cardio and strength training intervals and the other is athletic training (kettlebell inspired but one only need hand weights) and then there is a bonus 6 min. abs.

I did it yesterday during nap time...and I can't wait to do it again today. I will say I am super sore today! But I am exciting about this b/c it means that it worked me harder than I was used to with The Shred and I'm feeling muscles I had forgotten about. The first session seemed to fly by. When I did the 2nd one I was excited b/c it is a different type of workout than I've ever done. And I really liked the fact that as soon as I thought "Holy crap I can't do anymore" she would change it up.

So, I'm hooked. I am going to make this my February challenge. Then I had this idea...why not do a new DVD each month to really keep my body guessing? I am thinking if each month I choose a new DVD then my body won't get bored and will continue to be challenged.

I took measurements again this morning (I've lost 6 inches since I started really recording workouts and eating.) At the end of the month I'll take them again.

Anyone else up for the challenge? What DVD's do you like to use at home?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mediation? Relaxation? Or Chocolate Rasberry Truffle Ice Cream?

Well, I chose the latter. This week started off with a bang. Literally! One of my little daycare friends was pushed into the edge of a desk...and hold your hats...required 16 stitches! UGH! It was awful and I boo hooed all day. I felt absolutely horrible...I couldn't have prevented it, but it was so heart breaking.

Then hubby has been super busy working over night shifts and baseball I've been on my own quite a bit.

Our downstairs heat stopped working...and of course the temps. are supposed freezing this weekend again. So we had to call the guy out last night to come fix it.

I missed Zumba Monday night...for a good reason...I went to get my hair done and cover up all this gray. So it wasn't a total wash, but I have a better week when I hit all three Zumba classes. But I have one tonight so I think I can get back on track.

After all of that added w/ the responsibility of working, cleaning, laundry, cooking and being mommy and wife...I needed something.

So, last night after the boys were in bed Princess said she didn't mind if daddy and I took a little drive ALONE:) So we headed straight to get ice cream. I felt like a teenager sneaking off w/ a really hot guy going to get ice cream. All we needed was a place to "park". Hahaha just kidding...although hubby thought it was a great idea. My luck we be carted off to jail w/ all the babies left at home we decided on a comfy couch and the President's Address...what a way to kill a mood.

But it was nice having our secret escape...

Mr. Scale and I are not on speaking terms at the moment. He's refusing to move down. So, maybe we'll talk again next week...we'll see. I hoping pump it up and really show him who's boss. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Weather Gods over Georgia,

This is an ammendment to today's original post:) Thanks to a wonderful husband I was able to run during nap time today. 3.2 miles of walk/run...the wind cuts like a knife...but I felt awesome by the time I was done...thank you.***

I am sending this letter to you so that you might consider changing your mind. You know you never know until you ask. So here goes.

I have a problem with your current patterns. You see I have recently starting running...which I love by the way. It really helps me clear my head, relieves much unwanted stress, and give this mom of 5 about 45 minutes of uninterrupted alone time with just some tunes that keep me going. However, recently you sent out a teaser of sorts. Last week you allowed the temps. to hit almost 60 degrees. To which I was super grateful. Unfortunately, you have since changed your mind and sent us lots of rain and freezing temps. once again. Then today I see that you are considering sending us a "wintery mix" this weekend. I wish you would reconsider. What was the probem with the 60 degrees? Maybe I could fix it.

I'm not sure if you've ever run on a dreadmill or around an indoor track...but it is not clearing my head like it should and it actually causes me to be really bored.

Okay okay so you're not buying that. Well, how about that my scale hasn't moved down in two weeks. Can you do anything about that? I really need to go out and season is fast approaching and all of my free time (hahahaha that is of 5 working full time has free time...hahahaha)is about to be taken up with various boys practices at different times on different days. We have a mini vacation coming up. And so on and so forth....

So you can see I'm busy, stressed, and really needing to stay motivated. Please Please Please consider sending 50-60 degrees and sun instead of freezing temps., rain and sleet our way.

I would forever be grateful!
Mom of 5 who's incredibly stressed, losing motivation, and actually kind of tired

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"

After an extremely stressful week - last night I was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. But Princess agreed to watch the boys so hubby and I could go on a super hot date...hahaha we were really going to pick up a new steam cleaner and we decided to take advantage and go eat w/o any interruptions. We headed to his favorite place Red Lobster. I got a little worried...I began thinking what am I going to eat. I hadn't looked up the menu and figured out any points before we left and I really did not want to ruin this week's progress. Even though this week was full of stress I really rocked my workouts and stayed within my points almost everyday (w/ a day or two taking away from my flex points). The truth of the matter is I've always been able to do well during the week...then the weekend gets here and I seem to undo all my hard work. Well last night I said (to myself of course I wouldn't want to blurt out random things and have people think I'm going crazy for really) "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels". I have had that fried shrimp and french fries, yummy cheddar bay biscuits, or loaded baked potato and so on and so on a million times. And I knew it tasted good...but I also knew that I would not be happy with myself afterwards. So I opted for this (my husband thought I was super weird for taking a picture of my food but whatever)
We sat down and immediately before I could think twice said "I'd like a water with lemon please and can you only bring two biscuits when you bring them." I knew if I drank water through out the dinner just like at home I would eat less. And I also knew I wouldn't be tempted by those darn biscuits if there was only enough for each of us to have 1. YAY I was on a I ordered the Wood Fire Grilled Shrimp and asked him to please have them cook it without the buttery garlic sauce...with rice pilaf and plain steamed broccoli. I had done it...ordered the healthiest thing I could (oh and salad w/ fat-free dressing on the side...which I barely used...go me!).
I finished off the shrimp and broccoli...and half of the rice. And guess what? I felt full and satisfied. No grease, no frying, and only 1 biscuit.
So off we went with the rest of our date...and trip to Best Buy for the steam cleaner, looking at new baseball gear for the boys at Dicks, and me thinking the whole time "What should we do for dessert?" Instead of saying anything out loud b/c hubby is a total sabotager I kept this dessert fantasy to myself. I knew as soon as I mentioned it we'd be pulling through the Bruster's or Cold Stones in no I began thinking about which hot tea I would make when I got home. And mmmmmm a cup of hot tea was just what I needed! We were gone a total of 2 hours....I know wild and crazy right? But it was so nice to eat and talk w/ out being interrupted, no food was thrown, nobody spilled anything, and no one got hurt or cried for any unknown reason. I also got to hold his loving hand without any foreign sticky substance on it:)

So ladies I had a super successful night! I caught glimpse of myself in a mirror at one of the stores and thought "I look kind of skinny". And hubby remarked, "I think your jeans are too big." These were brand new jeans I had just bought at woo hoo!
So while I had the "skinny feeling" I decided to grab my tea and head upstairs to try on some other jeans that hadn't been fitting...and success...some really fit and some I could get buttoned but weren't quite ready to be worn in public. But the fact of the matter is ladies it's happening this weight loss thing and I are really starting to hit it off!
I woke this morning with a lot of excitement. I headed out to Zumba w/ a great big smile on my face. I totally rocked it..didn't slow down once. I feel so energized today and I might actually get all the laundry and cleaning done. Well that's I'm sure I'll find something else exciting to do:)

Have a great weekend my bloggy friends!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beautiful Blogger, Crazy time, and Ready to move on...

First, I want to thank Melissa for my Beautiful Blogger Award. It really made my day...heck after the week I'm having it made my whole week:)

So 7 random things about me:
1. I am a mom of 5 and I'm scared of the dark. My side of the bed is furthest from the bathroom and of course my bladder only last a couple of hours at best (I have 5 babies what can I say)so in the middle of the night I run and hop over hubby to get to my side. I'm always afraid something is under the bed that I can't see. I'd never admit that to the kids b/c I would totally be a hypocrite when I tell them there are no monsters under the bed.

2. I secretly pray for another baby girl. I know my husband prays for no more children at all so I wonder if he crosses out my prayers. I have prayed for this baby girl for awhile now...and since it hasn't happened again I've started praying for God to take my wants for a baby girl away...I know one of these will happen on His time.

3. I graduated on the Presidents list w/ a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education (all while I was working full time and raising babies). However, after a few years of teaching I really want to go back to school to be a nurse. I would love to be a labor and delivery nurse but haven't quite figured out how to fit school back into my schedule.

4. My husband and I were set up on a blind date...I actually ended up dating someone else in the group that we all went out with. But after three months we became good friends and realized we should be dating. 12 years later we've had four more babies (even though he only wanted one more...)

5. I live in the south, but during the summers as a kid I lived on a farm in Ohio. I'm originally from there and instead of my mom having to put me in daycare during the summers I'd spend the summer with my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and lots of cousins. I really wish my kids could have this experience...and I really wished we lived on a horse farm:)

6. I was an only child growing up (which is why I wanted so many kids)but when I was 12 I met my half brother and sister (who were one year older and one year younger than me). They are my dad's children...who I only met once when I was 9 and haven't seen him since. My brother and sister and I have kept in touch over the years, but they live in Ohio so we don't see each other often. Thank goodness for Facebook.

7. When I was growing up I played softball and did gymnastics. I had to quit gym when I was in the 8th grade and I remember it being the most devastating thing to me. I picked softball up more intensely at this point and played through high school. When I get back into great shape I would love to teach gymnastics one day.

Well this week has been extremely exhausting...both mentally and physically. My body is super tired and so is my I think I might sneak in a few minutes of rest while the littles are napping. Happy Friday!

From the inside out...

I'm getting restarted...after a running hiatus for a couple of weeks due to freezing temps. and ice on the ground I have only been working out at the gym. But this week was super nice and calling my name for the fresh outsdoors. I rocked 2 glorious runs Sunday and Monday. Then last night I headed out after a very stressful day. Half way into my run it started raining. It felt good! But being that I had Little Monkey with me I figured it wasn't good for him so we headed home.

Today it's off to the gym we'll go tonight for Zumba...and I still haven't done any weight training this week so I better get something together. Maybe I should strap ankle weights to me...and do they make wrist weights? Surely I could just wear those while cleaning and chasing kids all day and that would be some sort of weight training...right?

Last week on Oprah Peter Walsh was helping this family reconnect. He was telling them it really has to start from inside and the way your house is really helps make your life connections better. You know kind of like if your house isn't in order your life can't begin to be in order. So...this weekend while I had an extra day off I started on my kitchen. Very fitting since I'm trying to get my eating in check and stay on this journey of weight loss. I started by taking some pictures...horrid! I really couldn't believe how disorganized my cupboards, pantry and refrigerator were. I'm super happy with the results and I'm on the kids and hubby to PUT THINGS BACK WHERE THEY BELONG!

And (drum roll please) After-
(after grocery shopping).

I then scrubbed out the refrigerator and headed to the grocery store. I didn't like the empty look...but it sure was nice to know what we had and didn't have. Now, I can open up and nothing falls out:) I love the feeling of being in the kitchen now. I think once a week (on top of all the regular cleaning of course)I am going to focus on one room and really get it de-cluttered and organized. That in itself is a full time job around here. Nothing ever seems to stay clean for long. I'm still figuring out how I'm going to keep this going...and get the kids and hubby on board so it's not always mommy doing it.

I want to thank Melissa for my Beautiful Blogger Award she gave me yesterday. Tomorrow I will post the 7 random things about me and give the award to 7 other Beautiful Bloggers.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday. One more bednight as my 4 year old says...and it's TGIF!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm a "Real" Parent now...(I'm gloating a bit")

One day after the kids are grown and moved out I am starting a group...Parents Anonymous. It will be for recovering parents who have just endured years of whirl wind, downs, highs, lows...and all the in between. I started this journey almost 14 years ago. I was 18 years old. Obviously starting before all of my friends I didn't really have anyone to go to who really understood what I was experiencing (besides my mom). But I wasn't scared. I don't ever remember a time when I thought I couldn't do it. And I don't ever recall having as much emotions as I did last night.

You see my Princesses arrival into the world wasn't the norm. First she had a teenage mom who was married to a mostly absent father, and was whisked away in the middle of her first night to the NICU where she struggled to breath her first few days of life. She then got pneumonia and jaundice. I was scared at this point...but her doctors and nurses were awesome in calming my fears and letting me know she was going to be alright. When I brought her home we had a home nurse that continued to come by for a few weeks to give her shots daily.

Then she started growing and thriving...amazing me at every turn. Then within her first year of life her young parents divorced and she was now stuck with a single mother and no father. I was a full time student going to college, worked as a waitress on weekends, and mommy the rest of the time. I was determined to provide the best life I could give her...

Okay moving on..."Daddy's" adoption was a long process..but was final by the time she was 5. He is all she has ever known. And together we have raised her the best we could. We are "adults" now...raising children, paying bills, coaching teams, encouraging and fostering all their learning...and the list goes on. But in the back of my head sometimes I don't see myself as this "adult parent"...the "teen parent" vision is often present and I wonder how being born to such a young mother has affected Princess. Could I have provided more? Should I have done things differently? Did I do everything I could to get her to where she needs to be?

Well last night it all became clear. In one single night. And my sense of pride and accomplishment was through the roof.

You see last night I had to attend a career fair at the high school that she will be attending next year. We had to walk through a cafeteria filled w/ various classes that we would be registering her for. I all of the sudden went into panic mode. What if I choose wrong? This could affect her whole career. Have I done everything I could to make sure she is ready for this?

They had counselors and a graduation coach on hand to guide us in our decisions and answer any questions. (I know this post is super long...bare with me I'm getting to the point:)

Anyway, after speaking to several teachers and counselors Princess has decided to choose Healthcare and Services as one of her electives. Several of her 8th grade classes are already counting towards her high school credits and after pulling her test scores, grades, and current course load she will be placed in honors/AP classes next year..when she first enters high school! The Healthcare teacher told her she had the brains of a surgeon! This assured me I have done everything I can to provide and teach and push her in the right direction educationally.

So all at once her little life brought me the most astonishing amount of pride and accomplishment. You see the school district we live in is rated 10th in the state...her high school as received a platinum award in of ten schools out of 480 in the state to receive this award. Her school is one of the only schools to provide this specific healthcare and services's a basic training of becoming a nurse/doctor or anything else in the medical field. It will allow her to begin working in the healthcare field her senior year and throughout her college years and could possibly guarantee her a career opportunity upon graduation. This solidified that we are able to provide for her the best education possible and have been raising her in the right community.

All in one night I realized I am a "real" parent! I am doing my job to the best of my ability and my child is reaping the rewards! So besides the fact that she started out in not the best of circumstances...I feel PRIDE that I have turned her statistical situation around...and hopefully we will continue on this path of great accomplishments.

Now I know I can do anything I set my mind too!

And on a totally different note...I rocked two runs this week w/ the weather being in the 50's. It's supposed to start raining again tonight and I will head to the gym (although I'm not against running in the rain...I haven't done any strength training...and I'm ready for a body transformation!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh Saturday how I love thee

After a fantabulous night of sleep...well not really the puppy wouldn't leave the big dog alone...he wanted to snuggle...she not so much. But the baby is on night 4 of finally sleeping:) He's going to bed a little later than I would like, but I'll take it since he's sleeping through the night.

Puppy woke me at 6:15...not really what I had in mind for the weekend. But it proved to be very rewarding for me. I had been reading all the rewards of waking early on, but I haven't been actually keeping up with it. So, I decided why not it's only sleep I'm missing. And the peace and quiet of the morning was calling my name when everyone else was asleep. I took puppy outside and made some coffee. I sat on the couch and starting reading motivational stories on WW. I read about plateus and keeping motivation. I will admit this week was harder for me to stay on track. I guess the excitement was wearing off a bit...although I'm trying hard to see myself as the 125 lb. person I want to be. I imagine myself in shorts this summer...this hasn't happened in years. But I went over my points almost everyday. I have used all my weekly allowance as of last night and I still have 3days left in this week. But I have lots of activity points which I'd like to pretend are not there. It's almost the yucky time of the month and I am afraid that scale isn't going to budge this week or might even go up. So I needed to buckle down and stick to my points the next three days before weigh in.
After reading for a bit, I made myself an egg white omelet w/ spinach and shredded low fat string cheese, a piece of whole wheat toast w/ tsp. of all natural pnut butter and all-fruit, and one clementine.

Then I got all the kids ready and we headed to the gym. I did 20 minutes of a legs sesh and then off to Zumba. I guess I had a little more pep in my step b/c the instructor even commented that "someone had their coffee this morning". This made me smile and push harder.

After, we headed to Subway for lunch. Still the joy of eating out but so much healthier than a Big Mac. I skipped all condiments and chips...and I was so proud! I've never done that before...I love the feeling of being proud of myself:)

Then we headed off to baseball sign-ups for the boys. When we got home we ran the dogs around the backyard until the rain started. Now, baby is down for nap, the other boys are on the computer and playing with the pup, and I'm catching the end of a Lifetime movie.

Next up - Organizing the kitchen! I know you're jealous...that sounds so exciting right.?. But I know I will be thankful I did it. I can almost invision what it will look like. I think after I am done I'm going to reward myself my heading to the library or book store for a couple of books I've been wanting.

Have a good weekend bloggy friends.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Show Us Your and weight loss tricks

Today I joined Kelly's Show Us Your Life about weight loss and workouts tips.

I was an extremly active teenager. I did gymnastics and played softball all throughout high school. Then I started having babies. After each one I would nurse as long as possible and this did the trick for me. Then I hit my 30's and baby number five. He threw my whole body out of whack. I had done Weight Watchers a little after babies 3 and 4...but was never trully committed. But the weight would just come off. This time around has been different.

I nursed until he was 10 months old and also started working out at the gym about 3 days a week. I had lost all but 10 pounds of the pregnancy pounds (I had gained 55+ with this pregnancy). Then I stopped nuring and gained 10 pounds back. So the last few months I decided this must be the weight I'm going to be now.

I had a hard time accepting it, but wasn't really willing to do anything else than I was already doing. I love food...and coupled with cooking for a big family, snacks for the kids, and drive-thrus it was hard to not eat what they were eating. I would go to Zumba classes (which I love) about 2 or 3 times a week and lots of walks. However, I was losing 5 pounds and then gaining it right back. I think I lost the same 5 pounds 10 different times in the past year. In December I started reading a lot of fitness and healthy living blogs and decided that truly I wasn't happy, but I was worth it. I have recently found several blogs that actual moms have created and lost the weight. One of them inspired me and encouraged me to try Weight Watchers again, but this time actually join the site and become accountable (thank you Melissa). I joined December 21st and since then I have lost 5 pounds. Yes this is the same 5 pounds, but the good news is it's not the fluctuating pounds I used to see on the scale. It's actaully gone. I am now committed to this weight loss journey.

Along with the Weight Watchers I am taking my Zumba classes at least 2 days a week and am a beginning runner (Couch to 5 K also thank you to Melissa)at least 2 days a week. On the opposite days I am doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred to tone up along the way. I am excited about this journey and can't wait to show off my new bod this summer! Here's me after my sweaty Zumba class:)
I love all the healthy sites about natural raw foods...but I still love junk. So I love Weight Watchers because I can have all the raw veggies in the world and still have points to spare and have a good night out every now and then.

I hope you join me on my journey and I look forward to reading so many others. Oh and I love Extra sugarfree gum...I chew it when I cook so I'm not taste testing and whenever I "think" I need a snack but I really don't...and lots and lots of water:)

Our new love

This is our new baby Taz. I sent my hubby on some errands with the boys yesterday (for which I was so grateful to be in the peace and quiet while I cooked dinner and cleaned the house). This is an extremely rare occasion. Most times it is me with all the babes running around like a chicken with my head cut off running in and out of stores like a crazy person. I hear myself yelling things like "Get your hands off him. Don't touch. STOP. Sit you cannot climb out. Get off of there. Was that a chicken nugget that just hit me? Please stop yelling. BE QUIET! What is this sticky stuff all over your car seat? What in the world are you crying for now? No we just had Christmas. Put it back" And the list goes on. But yesterday hubby had to pick up T-man from his student council meeting and Tooker and Little Monkey were chanting about wanting to go. Then, after a little begging and pleading on my part, Bubby said "Fine I'll go if I can take my DS." Woo Hoo and just like that he had 4 boys piled in his car. I quickly locked the door, turned up the music, and began to dust, sweep, vacuum, and mop while singing at the top of my lungs (of course me daycare kids were still here for about 30 more minutes so that sang and danced along). Once they were all out the door I cooked dinner...still singing and dancing. Princess came down to see what in the world I was doing. I grabbed her hand and danced around the kitchen cutting, chopping, slicing and stirring away. In the middle of all this I get a phone call from hubby. "Honey they have puppies up here for sale." "Ok...and?" "Well do you want one?" (Please understand my husband is not a dog all. Not even a little. We have a German Shepherd mix b/c I wanted a big dog...she's almost 10 now. We had another little dog, but she passed a way last year. And Jade hasn't been the same since...a little depressed w/o her playmate. And the kids have always wanted another puppy. So long story short (ha like I've ever told a short story) my hubby says "Ok well we will go into Wal-Mart and get our stuff and if it's still here when we come out then it was meant to be." So about 30 minutes later...I get a text w/ this sweet face
And he says "what do you think?".
So along came Taz! I headed off to Zumba after dinner and to pick up all of his new supplies.
(excuse my sweaty Zumba self)
And our new adventure has started. I believe the underlying reason we have this new pup is not for all the reasons above...but because hubby knows Little Monkey is learning to talk and potty train...and my baby itch will soon return. So I think this was his way of saying "Here's your new baby honey". Whatever the reason this little guy is really sweet and super cute. He loves all the kids and even Jade. She's not so sure yet...but we are loving on her letting her know she's still in charge. And I've caught them playing a I know she'll get used to him.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

CAUTION...I'm in a ugh kind of mood...

I've been hiding...under a happy put on a smile kind of face. For the last 2 years I've done my best to "pretend" to be even when I wasn't smiling on the inside. Well, today I declare I deserve to be happy not just appear happy.

Leaving all the sob stories out...I stand tall and will be not only a happy wife, mother, childcare provider...but a happy Danielle!

No more "oh woe is me". No more excuses of "I can't find the time to get it done". I'm posting post-it notes all around to remind me I am worthy, reasons why I'm losing weight have been posted on the fridge', pantry, and cupboards. Positive thinking notes are posted on my mirror in the bathrooms.

Ok moving on...
My monthly visitor must be on her way b/c everything is making me tear up the last 2 days. Anything from tragic stories I see on TV to even watching my kids play. Ugh I hate being a woman sometimes...
But also I have realized time does not stand still. My sweet little princess came home this week with a letter about high school orientation. What? It can't be that time already. I miss rocking her to sleep, reading her favorite books over and over, playing Barbies where she constantly tells me what to say, painting her little piggy toes. Where did the time go? Now she's busy...but without me...texting, chatting on Facebook, going to the movies w/ friends, hanging out at school events...all of which would be totally embarrassing if her mother tagged along.

I'll be the first to admit...raising 5 kids is hard. Wearing on me each day in a different way. As I look back on the last 13 years of raising children different stresses come to mind. I am reminded how hard they were being a single mom of just 1to now being a married mom of 5. I wish I could just sit on the floor and read, play, snuggle, and just be...watching them all play together...enjoy and teach each other...but time doesn't stand still.

So another thing I announce today...I will find more ways to stop stressing and enjoy my children for all their differences and stresses they bring:)

Alright...sorry to be a Debby Downer today...but sometimes you just need to vent. And being stuck at home for work and everyday life leaves you with little adult thanks for listening my bloggy friends. Promise next post will be surely upbeat!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My biggest cheerleaders!

Good news this morning...this super cute boy slept through the night! I took him to the play center at the gym last night later than usual, afterward I took the boys up to the track to run and he has fun chasing them, and then we let him snuggle on the couch for a bit while we watched "The Biggest Loser". I gave him a little Benadryl for his runny nose and put him in bed at 9:00 with my fingers crossed. I woke at 4:00 and didn't hear anything...and when my alarm went off at 5:45 he was still snoozing away. VICTORY! Sleeping boy = Happy rested momma! Of course we'll have to wait and see if it sticks.

But for now I'm well rested and super happy today!
He even finally ate a good breakfast. He hasn't been eating much lately and makes me think a tooth is coming in...but I can't feel where.

Last night we ordered Chinese food....I think it's been ages since we have had it. The only good one near us is over 20 minutes away and we haven't been taking the kids out too much lately b/c well it's super expensive to take our family out to eat and that cute Monkey boy up top does not like high chairs.
I split my meal between Princess, Tooker, and myself. While I have no idea how many calories it had in it...I do know that I used to eat it all by myself and I feel that was a good move to split if between three of us.

After my tummy was full and happy I fell onto the couch into a food coma...since I didn't have to clean the kitchen and all...and next thing I know these sweet boys were attacking me saying "I thought we were going to the Y. Come on mom let's go".
How can I say no when they are saying things like "You say exercise makes you feel better. We ate take-out and you should want to work it off. You didn't cook a healthy meal and have to work harder now." Okay so I guess they are listening to me when I think they are tuning me out. So out of my food coma and off to the gym we went. I did the elliptical for 40 minutes and then ran around the track with them. I did feel better, but my belly was still full so we headed home to relax and watch The Biggest Loser. I drank water all night instead of my usual Diet Coke and snack while we watch. My husband and I used to sit and watch all their triumphs and accomplishments while we are bowls of ice cream w/ hot fudge, or a bag of chips, or something...I had switched to frozen grapes or apple w/ almond butter...but now I just have water. 8:00 is too late to be eating anyway!

So the boys have become my biggest cheerleaders and have already told me they want an early dinner so we can head to the Y early. They enjoyed running the track when I was done w/ my workout, and they have asked me to play a game of ping pong in the teen center when I pick them up. Can't say no to I just need to get Princess back on the workout wagon with me. Somedays she'll run or go to Zumba with me but lately she's enjoyed vegging watching TV a little too much. Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finding the good in a difficult time...

I. Am. So. Tired.

Little Monkey thought 4:00 AM this morning was a good time to wake up...not so good for a mommy who had some sort of stomach issues keeping me up during the night. I let him cry for about 45 minutes on and off. My husband left for work at 4:30 and I decided to get up and put him in bed w/ me. He continues to scream and throw a fit...nothing was working to make him lay down. So after about 5:45 I turned on a little Phineas & Ferb so I could just suck it up and go take my shower. I came out of the shower to find a cute snuggled sleeping baby on my pillow! I wanted to crawl back in the bed and snuggle so bad...but my first day care child arrives at 6:30 and I had to get the rest of my babies up and ready for school. I am looking forward to nap time more than usual today:)

I found a website yesterday ( and I had already set my alarm to wake early and really enjoy some quiet time before the craziness of the day got started...ha I didn't mean 3 AM! But the good news is I did manage to get 15 minutes of extra time this morning...not excited that I am totally lacking sleep...but I got to have a cup of coffee and get the dishes unloaded and the kids breakfast made before my first little guy arrived. I really want to be a morning person...and have long thought how great it would be to get in a workout before the day started. But I really need to be able to sleep at night to be able to achieve this.

On an extremely good note...the scale was extremely kind this week. 2.5 pounds down! Of course WW told me this was too much...I should only lose 2 pounds for the week...but averaged out since I joined the sight I've lost 5 pounds...which is averaged about 1.2 per week. So I'm very pleased...especially since last week was only a 1/2 a pound. And yesterday I started to workout about 3 times and each time after the warm up just wasn't feeling it. I did drag my cold butt to the gym for Zumba...and I felt so good when I was done!

A few goals I would like to accomplish this week:
Plan and write down each days meals ahead of I am more prepared and can stick to it.
Write down workouts...time and what activities.
SLEEP! Somehow I have to figure out what is going to make this baby sleep. He is 20months now and there is no reason he should be waking everynight. I have got to figure this out so I can have some sanity. With all this you would think I wouldn't get baby fever anymore...but I am a bit crazy and it always crosses my mind:) Sigh...

I am also super proud that I've cut out the Diet Coke except when we go out. I've been drinking lots of tea and lots and lots of water.

I'm excited for a new week...the kids headed back to school today finally and I'm ready to get back on schedule. I would really like the weather to warm up so the little boys could play outside...maybe just maybe it will hit at least 40 today...but I won't hold my breath.

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's cold...really really cold!

What a weekend! We were completely iced in on way out...stuck...trapped...prisoners in our own home...Okay well it wasn't that bad. Princess and T-man had gone to spend the night with friends as soon as we heard there would be no school. And Bubby invited a friend to our house to spend the night. I knew this was going to be the day that everything would get done. After all we couldn't go anywhere. I did make a good dent in it all...the whole downstairs was cleaned and lots and lots of laundry got done. Of course by Saturday you wouldn't have even known that I spent my entire snow day cleaning. The place looked a mess! Why? Why? Why? I just wanted one day to sit and relax and feel the clean. Oh well such is life with 5 children and a husband.
But on the positive side...the kids totally loved their day off.

On another note: I was able to get to the gym on Saturday. I love the Arc Trainer...I did 30 minutes of interval and then I did 30 minutes of walking with weights. While walking I would do lunges and squats with the weights and then I did about 10 min. of ab work. I later told my husband if I didn't have to work I would be a totally hot wife:) I have come to the determination that I love being at the gym. Once I'm there I could stay forever. It's the obstacle of getting there with 5 kids and them actually wanting to go. I also got in a long walk yesterday. The wind child was about 5 degrees and the actual temp. was 24. It was crazy but I needed it! And after an hour of walking with several hills I headed home to thaw out. It was so nice to get out and clear my head.
And Saturday night I was able to sleep through the night...of course it was only 6 hours but felt good to sleep straight through. Little Monkey had spent the night with my mom while we took the other kids to Monster Jam @ The Georgia Dome with some friends. They had a blast... and I must say I was quite excited myself.We spent much of yesterday watching the Monster Jam on the Speed channel and playing with all the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks.
The big boys picked out several to give to Monkey because they felt bad that he didn't get to go.
So now he's crashing all the trucks and cars in the house...They tried to go out and build an obstacle course in the sandbox...but after about 10 minutes decided it was too cold.
Please let this week bring warmer temps.!!! This frozen momma is ready for some spring weather, singing birds, the smell of fresh cut grass, and runs glorious mind clearing no worry kind of runs.

Friday, January 8, 2010

This is the life...

I awoke this morning after a very well rested 8 hours of continuous sleep. I then prepared a gloriously healthy breakfast for my eager to please children and super husband of the year. The dishes are done, kitchen cleaned, everything is put in it's place. I've done loads of laundry and put it all away and made every ones bed in their extremely clean rooms where every toy and book are put in their proper place. This place is sparkling clean as is we had a maid. I'm now sipping coffee in a cafe' while I type away about my wonderful life. I'm making a list of the numerous things that I will accomplish today...pick up the dry cleaning, hit the gym for an hour of spin class, have the carpets cleaned, hang new drapes, reorganize the entire kitchen, read a wonderful book and meet up with friends for drinks after I've prepared a glorious dinner for my family bathe all the babies and cuddle and snuggle them in their beds...

(Cue the SCREEEEAAAAAACCCCCCHHHHHIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG halt noise and crashing car noise)

A ha ha ha ha ha who am I kidding...that stuff only happens in other peoples houses and in my dreams.

In all actuality we are iced in an unable to go anywhere. I only got about 4 hours of extremely interrupted sleep. Little Monkey was up to his shenanigans last night and woke at 2 throwing quite a temper tantrum. Bubby had a friend spend the night since we knew we had no school today and he woke up several times and ended up sleeping in our room. Then around 4 Little Monkey woke again leading to a bit of a snippy fight w/ that super husband b/c he was tired and needed sleep so I should have left the screaming baby in his bed. Really b/c I'm super rested and not needing any sleep after 4 days of this craziness! I got mad and stomped out of the room w/ the screaming baby and finally fell asleep on the couch for 2 more hours. (Super husband is still sleeping soundly with no children in his bed or even upstairs for that matter.) Then the other kids started waking so I made chocolate chip pancakes (and not the healthy type at all) and a huge pot of coffee. As I sit here looking around the dishes are piled up, the kitchen a huge mess, toys are scattered everywhere, laundry is even everywhere b/c they just take stuff off and randomly throw it wherever they happen to be and well I can't even begin to describe what their rooms look like because I've asked them to just close the doors b/c I can't bare the thought of it. I think tonight will be an eat out night if the roads clear a little b/c the kids have free meals at a local burger place. And the gym? Not gonna happen b/c they are closed! But I will get my Shred on during nap time...that's a promise I intend to keep myself!

But the good news is I have a 3 day weekend...and today is that day I'm totally going to accomplish all of the things I have piled up and have been waiting for this magical get it all done kind of day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting around to it...

First, I'm sorry for the Christmas background still lurking around. I promise I'll get it super cute (well as much as one can who is lacking knowledge of HTML and such things) by this weekend.

Second, I love reading blogs and am getting such inspiration from my daily reads. However, I am lacking on the home front b/c I enjoy it a little too much. I keep putting off so many things and they are starting to pile up. I have this dream in my head that this one special day will arrive and all the undone things will get done. That's a goal I am going to work on this year...make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen.

Third, I'm excited about making an inspirational board this weekend (well it's on that same list of getting things done). Over @ Fitnessista she made one this week and I can't wait to get started. I have pulled out several old Self and Fitness magazines so I can cut out pictures and such. I look forward to looking at it each morning and knowing what I'm working toward this year.

Fourth, My workouts are totally rockin' this week. I am on day 3 of the 30 Day Shred. I am super sore today and it seemed a little harder to get I feel like it must be working if I'm burning. I've been doing the 20 min. of The Shred and then 20 minutes of a Yoga/Pilates DVD. I can't do a long time w/ Pilates b/c I have really weak wrists...but I love the Yoga. I was also able to get to the gym yesterday for 30 minutes of interval cardio on the Arc Trainer (my super sweet hubby stayed home during nap so I could go all alone) and I also did 15 min. or arm circuit machines and 15 min. of leg machines. Tonight I was on my own (and will be since hubby is working over night and then closing the next 2) and since we are also supposed to get snow tomorrow and the kids schools are closing early...I needed a night at the gym. So we headed out and I got in 30 minutes of interval cardio on the Arc Trainer and then ran for a bit on the track. When I got home I did The Shred but no Yoga. Then after getting all the littles in bed I took a soak in the tub. I made some hot peppermint tea and piled all my magazines and my planner on the coach to get started...

Well, I found myself on Facebook and then reading e-mail and on to blogs...and well that leads me to

Fifth, I am a procrastinator and can seem to only focus on one thing at a time. My workouts are good...eating a bit over my points. Good ideas about my inspiration board...but seem to get sidetracked by my laziness and wanting to just sit on my butt. I have bills to be paid and a new planner that has yet to be used...but I need to make a new budget sheet and find some Post-Its. I have The Biggest Loser cookbook and Weight Watchers recipes to search through...and I have not made anything new this week...but I have used my crock pot 3 days in a row and I love dinner being made so easy (but the smell makes me hungry through out the day).

And lastly...I have not slept in about 4 days. Little Monkey does not want to sleep through the night. He has been waking up anywhere between 12:30 and 2:00 throwing temper tantrums, won't lay in our bed, won't go back to his...I need this phase to pass soon! I have a feeling he has teeth coming in that I can't see or feel yet and also he is usually my workout buddy who goes on my walks/jogs with me. We have been stuck in the house for a few days now and I don't think he is getting enough fresh air. So that was another reason I wanted to head to the gym hoping the play center would tire him out. I also took the kids up to the track when I picked them up and had them run around for a bit.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will sleep tonight...b/c I really need it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unchartered Territory

Today was weigh in day for Weight Watchers. And when I stepped on the scale this morning I took several deep breaths and said a quick prayer that the scale hadn't gone up. 1/2 a pound down...what? I know it wasn't a gain and that's great but I really couldn't believe it had only moved down half a pound. For whatever reason lately stepping on the scale is right up there with checking the bank account after a spending spree and not keeping track of debit transactions. Such a shocker when it's not what you expect to see. I guess I dream a little too much in my head of what I so badly want the scale to say (and the checking account too). I guess if you try to "will" it doesn't mean it

This cold weather is not helping me with my motivation to keep going. Last night I had planned all day to have the dinner done in the crock pot to get out of here and head to Zumba for an early class. Well, the yummy roast cooked all day and the smell made me want to eat all day. And when the time came to bundle everyone up and pile in the car I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So I got the kids their dinner and told my husband I needed 45 minutes alone in the playroom to get my workout in. I did the 30 Day Shred for 20 minutes and then 20 minutes of yoga before my offspring started to bombard me with "Mom C is crying. Mmmmmmoooommmmm how much longer we want to play the Wii. Mmmmmmoooommmm where are you? Mmmmmmooommmmm do we have to take a bath? MOM MOM MOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMMOM.....And after quite a few minutes of banging on the door and little fungers sliding under they opened the door and Little Monkey came right in. Have you ever tried to do yoga while being tackled by a 19 month old who is laughing in cheer and yelling "Mama Mama Mama". He thought my moves were so funny he kept running into me and trying to knock me off balance. So my workout was over. It was great, but I still felt like I needed an hour of intense cardio. I was really sorry I missed Zumba and I really wanted to run. But for goodness sake it was freezing outside.

They are predicting snow for us by the end of the week and I just can't bring myself to go outside at all. I did a couple of walks last week, but the wind chill was really difficult on my face. So I need to suck it up and find the will power to bundle up my little people and hit the gym.

Cheers to a good week! I'm super excited about a normal week of eating again...well I should say a new normal w/ my WW points:)

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year...New Me!

Happy New Year bloggy friends:) We spent the evening with great friends ringing in the new year. The kids danced their little hearts out and crashed...then the adults had fun dancing and singing to old school back in the day songs. Everything from Bon Jovi to Poison and MC Hammer to Vanilla Ice and Snow. It's amazing how you can not hear a song for years and the minute you hear it you know all the words and it takes you right back to being a teenager:)

I also got to spend the day on a "play date" with several girls that I went to high school with that I haven't seen in years and we got to meet each others kids. Thank goodness for Facebook bringing us together. It was a good day spent w/ old friends and reminiscing and catching up. I of course had the most kids (I had all 6 of ours with me) and the oldest and youngest:) (That's me w/ the blue scarf and striped sweater). Since I started this motherhood journey my senior year of high school it was really nice to see this group since they were several of the ones who stuck by me through such a scary time. One of the girls was one that had thrown me a baby shower that meant so much b/c I literally had nothing.

As I sat today recovering from a long night of little sleep (I'm not a drinker so I was just tired from being up late and dancing:) I thought about how much my life has changed over the years...and how I'm going to make this year the best yet! Being a mother at such a young age and growing up very fast, putting myself through college, being a single mom, working 40 hours a week, falling in love, having another baby...all before graduating college and actually getting into the real world. Then teaching full time and continuing to have more babies has left little time for me to really figure out who I am and what I want out of life. This year I am determined to make more time for myself and not only enjoy my husband and children but also things for myself.

So to start the year off I am going to make a list of all the things I want to accomplish this year. Tomorrow I am going to make a list in my journal so I can check back on it and make sure I'm meeting my needs.

Here are a few things I have planned:
1. Lose the 20 or so pounds that I have been wanting to get off...stick to my Weight Watchers plan and log food and activities everyday. Walk/Jog/Cycle/ or Zumba 3-4 days a week and I want to start and stick to the 30 Day Shred. I'm thinking 30 days with 3 days off one between each level upgrade and then after that keep it up at least 3 days a week for strength.

2. Journal everyday...I want to not only log food and exercise but thoughts and feelings I can reflect on. I would really like a way to clear my head and get my thoughts together before the next day.

3. Organize and have a cleaning plan for the house in place. The kids have been very slack on their chores lately and I seem to be doing almost everything.

4. De clutter and get things fixed so the house is ready to put on the market. We have seriously outgrown this house and it's time to get serious about getting it on the market.

5. Make a budget each month and stick to it!

6. Try one new healthy recipe a week and eat out a lot less. Especially during baseball season...maybe cook a few big meals on Sundays to freeze for the week so were not relying on the drive-thru or quick unhealthy choices.

So there's a start...more on this tomorrow. Spa day planned tomorrow to get the year started off right! My daycare parents got together and got me a gift card and I am so in need of a massage:) Can't wait!