Friday, January 15, 2010

Our new love

This is our new baby Taz. I sent my hubby on some errands with the boys yesterday (for which I was so grateful to be in the peace and quiet while I cooked dinner and cleaned the house). This is an extremely rare occasion. Most times it is me with all the babes running around like a chicken with my head cut off running in and out of stores like a crazy person. I hear myself yelling things like "Get your hands off him. Don't touch. STOP. Sit you cannot climb out. Get off of there. Was that a chicken nugget that just hit me? Please stop yelling. BE QUIET! What is this sticky stuff all over your car seat? What in the world are you crying for now? No we just had Christmas. Put it back" And the list goes on. But yesterday hubby had to pick up T-man from his student council meeting and Tooker and Little Monkey were chanting about wanting to go. Then, after a little begging and pleading on my part, Bubby said "Fine I'll go if I can take my DS." Woo Hoo and just like that he had 4 boys piled in his car. I quickly locked the door, turned up the music, and began to dust, sweep, vacuum, and mop while singing at the top of my lungs (of course me daycare kids were still here for about 30 more minutes so that sang and danced along). Once they were all out the door I cooked dinner...still singing and dancing. Princess came down to see what in the world I was doing. I grabbed her hand and danced around the kitchen cutting, chopping, slicing and stirring away. In the middle of all this I get a phone call from hubby. "Honey they have puppies up here for sale." "Ok...and?" "Well do you want one?" (Please understand my husband is not a dog all. Not even a little. We have a German Shepherd mix b/c I wanted a big dog...she's almost 10 now. We had another little dog, but she passed a way last year. And Jade hasn't been the same since...a little depressed w/o her playmate. And the kids have always wanted another puppy. So long story short (ha like I've ever told a short story) my hubby says "Ok well we will go into Wal-Mart and get our stuff and if it's still here when we come out then it was meant to be." So about 30 minutes later...I get a text w/ this sweet face
And he says "what do you think?".
So along came Taz! I headed off to Zumba after dinner and to pick up all of his new supplies.
(excuse my sweaty Zumba self)
And our new adventure has started. I believe the underlying reason we have this new pup is not for all the reasons above...but because hubby knows Little Monkey is learning to talk and potty train...and my baby itch will soon return. So I think this was his way of saying "Here's your new baby honey". Whatever the reason this little guy is really sweet and super cute. He loves all the kids and even Jade. She's not so sure yet...but we are loving on her letting her know she's still in charge. And I've caught them playing a I know she'll get used to him.


  1. Sooo cute! I love the little puppy :-)

  2. He's so cute!! Looks like a great walking/running buddy!!
    You look FANTASTIC in that picture!