Friday, January 29, 2010

Ready for a February Challenge?

I am I am...

After doing The 30 Day Shred during the month of January...I got bored. As much as I like it I am a high intensity aerobic wannabe (which is why I love Zumba). I felt after The Shred I still needed a run or fast walk or something was missing. So this week while I was at Target they had several new DVD's on sale ($10 woo hoo!). Several years ago I used to workout to Denise Austin in the mornings before the kids would got up. She was on TV for two 30 minute segments. One was usually cardio/weights and the other was a pilates/yoga type. I loved it. I bought a couple of her Yoga and Dance DVD's and really like them.

Well, I saw this one...

She says 3 weeks Body Boot Camp...drop two dress sizes. It is broken into two 20 minute workouts - one cardio and strength training intervals and the other is athletic training (kettlebell inspired but one only need hand weights) and then there is a bonus 6 min. abs.

I did it yesterday during nap time...and I can't wait to do it again today. I will say I am super sore today! But I am exciting about this b/c it means that it worked me harder than I was used to with The Shred and I'm feeling muscles I had forgotten about. The first session seemed to fly by. When I did the 2nd one I was excited b/c it is a different type of workout than I've ever done. And I really liked the fact that as soon as I thought "Holy crap I can't do anymore" she would change it up.

So, I'm hooked. I am going to make this my February challenge. Then I had this idea...why not do a new DVD each month to really keep my body guessing? I am thinking if each month I choose a new DVD then my body won't get bored and will continue to be challenged.

I took measurements again this morning (I've lost 6 inches since I started really recording workouts and eating.) At the end of the month I'll take them again.

Anyone else up for the challenge? What DVD's do you like to use at home?


  1. I have Netflix so I will sometimes just browse through the workout streaming videos and do those. They are pretty good. I used to love Karen Voight videos. She always kicked my butt!

  2. Very cool!!
    I bought a new kettlebell video and LOVE it.

  3. I have also been doing the 30 day shred. I really like it because it incorporates so many muscle groups in a short amount of time, but I agree, I need to do more to feel productive. I can't wait to go out and buy the new dvd you have and try it. Congrats on the inches lost!!

  4. I came across your blog through a friend of a friend and am excited to see this post. I've been doing several of Jillian's DVDs since October rying to loose some baby weight. They were great for a time but I am BORED and have been looking for a new DVD to try. I am ordering this one right away.
    I know staying on track isn't always easy but don't quit! Thanks for the encouragement!