Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Runaway!

This weekend hubby and I took a suprise weekend getaway. Saturday morning at 4:00 a.m. we hopped inthe van for a 9 hour ride. Only the Princess came with us. We pawned the boys off to friends and family for our quick getaway!

We arrived at our destination at almost 2:00 in the afternoon. We saw who we came to see for only a brief moment before she had to be somewhere to prepare. It was a surprise visit and she was excited to see us.

While she was where she needed to be we got to take hubby's mom to dinner. We had dinner at an authentic Italian owend Italian restaurant. I had the Manicotti...and it's was super yummy!

We cleaned up at my MIL's house and headed out for an evening filled with little feet and big feet that entertained us for a couple of hours.

After we were finished we snapped lots of pictures of who we came to see. And at 9:45 p.m. we were back on the road heading home. Yep you got it...9 hour drive home. Hubby had to work Sunday and our Bubby had a baseball tournament. So, the 3 of us drove...all night...to come home...

I slept from 10-2 and the hubs slept from about 2:30-6:30 when we arrived home. It was a long long 24 hour period. But well worth the trip!

Can you guess what we might have done? Here's a hint...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mom Sexy Prom

Hello...as promised...The Mom Sexy Prom Post from The Mommyologist!

But first things first....I spend most of my days looking like this

Running kids here...

And running them there...

And learning like this...
And lots and lots of playing like this...
And dealing with lots and lots of this...
And having fun doing this...

And cleaning messes like this...

And at the end of the day I might look like this...
But lately I've decided I need to look a little more like this...
And definitely look more like this...

So when I saw a blog post by Mommyologist I was so excited to look like this...

And maybe I will even get to go out with this hot guy soon...

Hello? Can you hear me now? Anyone?

Okay so I am a little blog illiterate. My great "blog friend" Melissa let me know that my comments were blocked and only members could comment. WHA? How did I? I have no idea! I think I was trying to block the Asian spam coming through...you know the ones "blah blah blah (that's b/c I can figure out how to write in Asian writing) Bon Bon Sex"....and then there was "Blah blah blah touch blah blah blah crazy here blah blah blah move it like this blah blah blah...and crazy other stuff.

So anyway I think (I pray and hope and all that good stuff) that I have it fixed and figured out. I'm still working on this whole blog thing and I bet if I wasn't potty training, being a maid, being taxi mom, laundry goddess, trophy wife at the ball field, chef, personal assistant to 5 off spring... Oh no worries I'll work you in!

I am determined to figure this all out and make a really cute, hip, cool, and groovy place for all of the mommies of the world to pour a cup of coffee (or glass of wine), get a few laughs, and help to make their lives a little less stressful and seem a lot more exciting...

Fingers crossed!

Also, come back later because I'm joining The Mommyologist for her Sexy Mom Prom! I'm so excited and giddy and can't wait to post my pics.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spend the day being "Danielle"

Today I woke up knowing I got to spend the day just being me...

I woke at 7:00 and even though it was already hot and humid outside I made myself get up and put my running shoes on. I hit the pavement for an hour and came home to shower.

The two big boys have baseball camp this week so dad was in charge of getting them to the field at 9:00. I got the little boys ready and took them to dad at the field and proceeded to hit the salon for a much needed hair color (good bye gray hair!).

I took myself for a Starbucks White Choc. Mocha non-fat no whip...mmmmm so good:)

I spent two hours at the salon, got an extra long conditioning treatment, and left feeling super refreshed.

I then went to the eye dr. to get my new glasses, took myself to lunch at this yummy little sandwich shop in our downtown area that I haven't been to in over 2 years after I left teaching. And it was so good! Then I took myself for a little shopping. I hit Kohl's and Target. And the best news of all...I bought myself a new jean skirt and tank top...and I have to brag a little...I feel like I looked really good in it. I'm not a shorts and skirt kind of girl b/c I hate my legs...but have to say that after losing almost 15 pounds I'm feeling extremely confident. So confident in fact that I then took myself to the mall and hit the GAP and bought two more skirts. I got a total of 4 skirts today. One dark jean, one light jean, a white denim, and a khaki. It is so hot here right now and I start sweating the second I go outside...so I think these skirts are really going to help with that.

So I have new glasses, new clothes, and a new do. I'm feeling pretty confident tonight:) I am planning on a few more items to be purchased this week like some accessories to go along w/ my new clothes. This is huge for me because I always buy the kids clothes...like it's a true addiction...but losing weight have given me more confidence to want to look good for myself. And although my legs are still not what I would like them to be...and unfortunately they're probably not ever going to be b/c I have muscle from my gymnastic days and that's just part of the way I'm built...but I will say that my cellulite is tanning very nicely this summer and helps that a lot:)

Today was a much needed day for me. And it felt so great to be "ME" and not just hearing "Mommy" all day.

I didn't have time to get my nails done b/c hubby had to go to work and it was time to be mommy again. But I did paint my toes and paint my finger nails.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I am a sucker!

I am that one...the who believes everything I read....especially when it comes to magazines at the check-out. But not the typical Enquirer, Star, or US weekely. No no not the believer of celeb gossip and the like. I am the one who sees "Lose 45 pounds this month", or "Walk your way lean...No dieting involved", or "Cut this out and lose major weight".

I see those and think "Ha it must have happened to someone because they have written an article." Oh totally believe "The woman on the cover looks great. Of course this works". So I buy it. Which isn't bad because a lot of times they are real stories and good things to try.

But my problem is 1) I don't have the time to actually sit and read the whole thing. 2) When I do read them I either decide I don't have time to try it, it involves more than I could have ever imagined, or I just never even try it.

I also believe that just because I buy something it should work. Like my Weight Watchers. Yes it works, but you have to follow it. And guess what? I totally never log in! At some point I have quit counting points. But guess what else? I only think about it when I see the charge on my bank account.

And my YMCA membership...well we've gone a total of 3 times in the last month...and none the month before that. Baseball season took over the last few months and I couldn't get there at all. Now it's summer, we still have baseball, but I'm not getting my workouts and classes in b/c we end up heading to the pool. I love the pool!

I have been walking almost every morning. But I miss my classes and since we are cnacelling our membership at the end of summer I want to get more in. But I hate to miss pool time.

Even not working during the summer there just aren't enough hours in the day! But that's another post. Until then I need to get my act together, plan a little better, and stop being such a flake and excuse maker. Gather my magazine piles, cut out new things to try, recipes to cook, and just plain get it together!

Procrastination is my middle name...but summer will end too soon and I have a goal!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Strep Throat in the summer???

How did this happen? Where did it come from? This morning I woke up feeling like a Mac Truck ran me over...and over and over...again. Throat swollen, fever 102, body aches, eyes feeling like they are bulging out of the sockets and pressure...tremendous pressure. So off I went to the dr. to find out what the heck was going on.

STREP THROAT! Ugh! Let me tell you strep throat in a 32 year old woman is exhausting. I think I felt worse than after recovery from delivering a baby.

But after the nurse gave me a shot...whom I totally fell in love with...yes she was a woman but she commented on the fact that she never would believe I had so many children if she hadn't actually seen them b/c I have no stretch marks. I totally heart her for noticing..and commenting...and checking my chart to tell me I'd lost some great weight lately:)

I laid up in the bed close to deaths door...ok not really...but it sure felt like it. After a shot, a ZPac, and a numbing mouth wash, chicken noodles soup, lots of Gatorade...and several interupted naps I am feeling a little more human. I'm really hoping tomorrow brings great recovery as my house looks worse than a war zone and the laundry piles are as big as Mt. Everest.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kids...why are they so honest? And yummy dessert!

This weekend I went to Old Navy to try on shorts...which I absolutely hate wearing..but it's crazy hot! So I thought w/ ten pounds gone I might give it a try again.

Well, 5 pairs later and one little boy saying "Mommy those aren't good they are fat for you." Wait. What? "You mean like they are too big honey? They don't fit." "Yeah they don't fit. It looks fat."

Okay fine even the 4 year old doesn't like my cellulite. I've been using this firming lotion and walking a lot...but I guess I need more leg workouts!

Tonight I was cleaning the kitchen when Bubby says, "Mom what are we naming the new baby?" Ahhh are you kiding me! Great I thought it was just my legs...but apparently my poochy stomach needs a better workout too.

On a better note...today I logged into my WW to find out how many points my super yummy dessert was. And it was only 2 points...of course I did have 2 servings, but now I know to keep it at one serving.

Anyway it is so GOOD!!!!

It is baked peaches w/ a blueberry drizzle sauce w/ yogurt...like a peach/blueberry cobbler but w/o the fat!

Stay tuned I'll post the recipe tomorrow:)