Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kids...why are they so honest? And yummy dessert!

This weekend I went to Old Navy to try on shorts...which I absolutely hate wearing..but it's crazy hot! So I thought w/ ten pounds gone I might give it a try again.

Well, 5 pairs later and one little boy saying "Mommy those aren't good they are fat for you." Wait. What? "You mean like they are too big honey? They don't fit." "Yeah they don't fit. It looks fat."

Okay fine even the 4 year old doesn't like my cellulite. I've been using this firming lotion and walking a lot...but I guess I need more leg workouts!

Tonight I was cleaning the kitchen when Bubby says, "Mom what are we naming the new baby?" Ahhh are you kiding me! Great I thought it was just my legs...but apparently my poochy stomach needs a better workout too.

On a better I logged into my WW to find out how many points my super yummy dessert was. And it was only 2 points...of course I did have 2 servings, but now I know to keep it at one serving.

Anyway it is so GOOD!!!!

It is baked peaches w/ a blueberry drizzle sauce w/ a peach/blueberry cobbler but w/o the fat!

Stay tuned I'll post the recipe tomorrow:)

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  1. Whenever I get dressed and my two year old sees me she says, " EEEEWWWW mommy, yucky!" while pointing at me! Not the best motivator :( I hate shorts too!!