Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trying to pretend I'm not sick...

It's caught up with me...the sickness around here. One minute I'm freezing, the next I'm sweating...I have no fever but so much pressuse. I ache down to my feet. You know how your body feels heavy with all of this mucus plugging it up? Well I feel like there is mucus down to my feet. Tomorrow is supposed to be weigh in day, but I defintely feel like I have a few extra pounds of mucus weighing me down.

I've kept my eatting in control for the most part. I had a small mishap yesterday. I was starving after my small bean salad.
Which I suppose was not filling enough b/c I threw in a Tombstone Pizza. I am proud though that I only ate a serving size instead of half the pizza. And then towards the afternoon it got crazy hectic and I stressed and hit the Halloween Candy. Big slap on the hand b/c after 2 Butterfingers and 2 Baby Ruth I realized it wasn't what I was even wanting. I hate days like that!

But for dinner I really cut down knowing I had a few boo boo's in the middle of the day. I sauteed some peppers and spinach and made an omelet w/ 1 egg and 2 egg whites. Pretty good...but starving again by bedtime. So I made hot tea and reminded myself I was over calories for the day and I probably wasn't hungry anyway. Sometimes when I'm sick my stomach feels hungry...but then I can't taste it anyway so I don't know why.

I got a short walk in at Princessess soccer practice. I would have loved to walk the whole time, but Monkey thought the playground was so much more excited than a stroller ride. But at least I did chase him around for more than 30 min.

Today, eating has been right on.
Breakfast - 1 egg and 2 egg whites, spinach, and one piece WW toast

Snack - apple w/ organic peanut butter (1 tbls.)

Lunch - Toasted WW PB & J (2 tsp. of each)
and a handful of baby carrots and half an orange

Snack - Cheerios:) Just enough sugar to satisfy my craving

I've had a ton of water and today is day 4 of no Diet Coke...
Dinner will be grilled chicken breast over a huge bed of spinach and tons of chopped veggies w/ a small amount of Balsamic. I'd love to make it to Zumba, but I'm thinking this body is not going to cooperate:(

Hope all is well w/ everyone out in the blog world! Tomorrow is week 1 weigh in...stay tuned!

Take a minute

And please pray for baby Stellan-

Today is Stellan's birthday and this precious baby is once again back in the PICU. Head over to MckMama to read about his progress...

But please take a minute to pray for this sweet one year old.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Many times this week I have felt like running away. Illness is at it's best around here. It all started about two weeks ago when my "Bubby" started running a fever. This lovely fever lasted 6 days with two trips to urgent care. All tests continued to be negative, but the dr. put him on a Z-Pack and sent us on our way. Finally the fever and headache went away...but only to be met w/ "T-Man" and "Tooker" getting it next. A trip to urgent care and a Z-pack in hand and they were quickly on the mend too. Then last night Little Monkey began vomiting around 10:00 as I was crawling in bed after being sick myself all day. Here I was taking care of a baby who couldn't stop throwing up all over me (b/c he would let me put him down). I kept turning my head b/c I could only breath through my mouth b/c my nose was so stuffed up and my body felt so weak from busting my booty at the gym but also from whatever crazy cold thing I have going on.

Thankfully around mid-night we were able to get some sleep. But of course every time he made a noise or coughed I'd jump up. This morning has been okay except now he has runny diapers w/ a lovely diaper rash. He has kept down toast and Gatorade since waking at 6:00.

I am now keeping fingers crossed it doesn't spread to everyone else considering all their little immune systems are running low. And the added fact that I have had several daycare kids sick with Strep, one w/ double ear infections, and one w/ the crazy fever thing my boys had.

I just keep praying and knowing it can't last forever. But boy is it exhausting!

All of this causes me to want to eat...even though I can't taste anything and am still stuffed up it's hard to breath. I am not letting the stress win though. I am in control of myself! I can do this...this is one of the easier things I am going through so I can do this!

I'm just looking at pictures of these precious babies and telling myself to "Just Keep Swimming..."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nothings stopping me now...

Last night I headed to the gym as soon as dinner was cleaned up (Shrimp Scampi on top of a mound of squash and zucchini but w/ pasta for dad and the kids). I missed my Zumba class because I wanted to make sure everything was squared away before I left. Homework done, kitchen clean, and everything else that I didn't want to leave up to my husband. No offense honey, but some things just don't get taken care of. The second I walk out the door everyone around here forgets I'm coming home I guess. Shoes and socks are all over, toys, various snacks and their trash, cups... you get the picture. Homework forgets to get done, things don't get signed, laundry doesn't make it to the correct places...Crazy things go on when I'm not home. But I knew I didn't want to come home after a hard workout and have all of it to do.

Anyway, I did the Arc Trainer for 30 min. at interval speeds burning around 250 cals. I did a few weight machines and then got the hand weights for my squats and walking routine. I was there for about an hour and was super excited to see I burned around 500 to 550 calories. I came home and enjoyed a small protein smoothie and a lot of water.

The kids carved the pumpkin with daddy while I was gone. I was a little sad I missed out, but my happiness and energy were overflowing and made bedtime routine so much more relaxing and enjoyable. Enjoyable? Did I say that about bedtime routine? It was nice because the kids were already bathed when I got home and all I had to do was brush teeth, read a story, and rub some backs. Even got to take my own soak in the tub with no interruptions!

Then I made myself some hot green tea b/c I felt the congestion coming on and curled up on the couch to watch football w/ hubby. After about 15 minutes I fell fast asleep. My body was worn out so I headed up to bed at 9:30! Holy Cow that hasn't happened in years. Unfortunately I woke 3 times due to runny dripping nose and the fact that I had to go the bathroom after the gallons of water I'm drinking now.

And guess what? Best thing that happened the whole day...I didn't have any Diet Coke! I'm still drinking my coffee for the need of morning caffeine but I've switched from sugar to Stevia...and I still use fat free vanilla coffee mate but I am now measuring instead of pouring. I am so excited about these little changes and I know soon I will be benefiting from all of it!

So I will be updating about other things on my blog too....but right now I think if I use this a lot for my weight loss I will stick with it this time b/c I know there are at least a few people reading and it will make me more accountable. Anyone that wants to join in my quest to tackle their weight issue would be greatly welcome:) I always love to hear about others success and what they are doing to stay motivated and get this weight off once and for all.

Plan for today - 1600 calories or less, 30 minutes of cardio, and some yoga time! Oh and I thought I'd add a picture I can use to compare to in a few months when I reach my goal. On Fridays I will post weigh ins and measurements and talk about strengths and weaknesses from the week.

I'd love for you to join me! And let's make each other accountable!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Ah Ha moment...or was it really "HOLY CRAP!"

Today's Lunch was HEAVENLY! Romaine lettuce wraps w/ shrimp, peppers, onions, cucumbers and tomotoes sauteed in EVOO and squeeze of lemon w/ Italian Grinders and a little sea salt:) Less than 300 cals. for 3 wraps and totally filling.

I've been reading Self magazine for years. I take a few tips here and there, try out a new workout or two, and love reading the inspirational stories. But truth be told they they end of in a pile after a quick read and I don't usually think anything else about them. I do not stick with it is my problem. For the last year (after baby number 5) my weight has fluctuated all over the place. Down 30 lbs. back up 10...when will the yo-yo stop? Part of my problem is I love to work out, but I also love to eat. Ice cream, pizza, know the deal. The problem is no matter how much I work out those foods keep calling my name and seem to take up shop on various parts of my body. Well today my friends it comes to an end. The time to get healthy and stay that way begins today!

This weekend as I was reading Self I came across several blogs about people losing weight. Many of these sites are women who have lost over 100 lbs...some are 20 -40 lbs...but if people can lose 100lbs. I can definitely get my life back together and lose 25 right? Right!

I hear from so many people all the time "You look great for having 5 kids." Well truth be told I want to look great because I look great, work hard, and eat right...w/o the added "for having 5 kids."

Now for my "Holy Crap" moment - Well after doing measurements and weighing in this weekend I learned that I am actually in the overweight category. What? I've never really viewed myself as "overweight"...I need to tone up and lose a pounds of baby weight yes...but really seeing the words "overweight" really struck a cord. I want to not only look good, but more importantly be healthy! After all I do have 5 kids. I am their example, the person they need most to be healthy, and to show the the way of how they will be healthy.

Being a mom comes with a few down falls and I've learned time to myself is extremely hard to come by. But I have to make time b/c it only makes me a better mother and wife. So this is for me. Something I need, and something I actually enjoy.

This morning I had planned to get up at 5:15 to get my workout started....well stuffy nose and cough kept me from that plan. So I've already called hubby and let him know I will be leaving for the gym as soon as work is over and will be taking Zumba which I totally love. My other goal is to get 30 minutes of yoga in today during nap to re energize my mind and loosen me up:) I did Zumba on Saturday and walked for an hour yesterday so I've started the week off right.

This morning I ate my yummy breakfast cookie (recipe found over at at 270 cals.) and had a cup of coffee with Stevia.
I'm now enjoying my morning snack smoothie - 1/2 cup Low-Fat Vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1/2 banana, whey protein powder, and ice (a little water added for easier drink ability) total of 145 cals.

And I've already had 4 glasses of water. Lunch time already in the works - Shrimp on romaine lettuce wraps w/ peppers and onions...Can't wait!

I'm also going to be adding a few of my favorite weight loss blogs to the right if you are interested.

Wish me luck! Today is the beginning of my new life:)