Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nothings stopping me now...

Last night I headed to the gym as soon as dinner was cleaned up (Shrimp Scampi on top of a mound of squash and zucchini but w/ pasta for dad and the kids). I missed my Zumba class because I wanted to make sure everything was squared away before I left. Homework done, kitchen clean, and everything else that I didn't want to leave up to my husband. No offense honey, but some things just don't get taken care of. The second I walk out the door everyone around here forgets I'm coming home I guess. Shoes and socks are all over, toys, various snacks and their trash, cups... you get the picture. Homework forgets to get done, things don't get signed, laundry doesn't make it to the correct places...Crazy things go on when I'm not home. But I knew I didn't want to come home after a hard workout and have all of it to do.

Anyway, I did the Arc Trainer for 30 min. at interval speeds burning around 250 cals. I did a few weight machines and then got the hand weights for my squats and walking routine. I was there for about an hour and was super excited to see I burned around 500 to 550 calories. I came home and enjoyed a small protein smoothie and a lot of water.

The kids carved the pumpkin with daddy while I was gone. I was a little sad I missed out, but my happiness and energy were overflowing and made bedtime routine so much more relaxing and enjoyable. Enjoyable? Did I say that about bedtime routine? It was nice because the kids were already bathed when I got home and all I had to do was brush teeth, read a story, and rub some backs. Even got to take my own soak in the tub with no interruptions!

Then I made myself some hot green tea b/c I felt the congestion coming on and curled up on the couch to watch football w/ hubby. After about 15 minutes I fell fast asleep. My body was worn out so I headed up to bed at 9:30! Holy Cow that hasn't happened in years. Unfortunately I woke 3 times due to runny dripping nose and the fact that I had to go the bathroom after the gallons of water I'm drinking now.

And guess what? Best thing that happened the whole day...I didn't have any Diet Coke! I'm still drinking my coffee for the need of morning caffeine but I've switched from sugar to Stevia...and I still use fat free vanilla coffee mate but I am now measuring instead of pouring. I am so excited about these little changes and I know soon I will be benefiting from all of it!

So I will be updating about other things on my blog too....but right now I think if I use this a lot for my weight loss I will stick with it this time b/c I know there are at least a few people reading and it will make me more accountable. Anyone that wants to join in my quest to tackle their weight issue would be greatly welcome:) I always love to hear about others success and what they are doing to stay motivated and get this weight off once and for all.

Plan for today - 1600 calories or less, 30 minutes of cardio, and some yoga time! Oh and I thought I'd add a picture I can use to compare to in a few months when I reach my goal. On Fridays I will post weigh ins and measurements and talk about strengths and weaknesses from the week.

I'd love for you to join me! And let's make each other accountable!

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