Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Many times this week I have felt like running away. Illness is at it's best around here. It all started about two weeks ago when my "Bubby" started running a fever. This lovely fever lasted 6 days with two trips to urgent care. All tests continued to be negative, but the dr. put him on a Z-Pack and sent us on our way. Finally the fever and headache went away...but only to be met w/ "T-Man" and "Tooker" getting it next. A trip to urgent care and a Z-pack in hand and they were quickly on the mend too. Then last night Little Monkey began vomiting around 10:00 as I was crawling in bed after being sick myself all day. Here I was taking care of a baby who couldn't stop throwing up all over me (b/c he would let me put him down). I kept turning my head b/c I could only breath through my mouth b/c my nose was so stuffed up and my body felt so weak from busting my booty at the gym but also from whatever crazy cold thing I have going on.

Thankfully around mid-night we were able to get some sleep. But of course every time he made a noise or coughed I'd jump up. This morning has been okay except now he has runny diapers w/ a lovely diaper rash. He has kept down toast and Gatorade since waking at 6:00.

I am now keeping fingers crossed it doesn't spread to everyone else considering all their little immune systems are running low. And the added fact that I have had several daycare kids sick with Strep, one w/ double ear infections, and one w/ the crazy fever thing my boys had.

I just keep praying and knowing it can't last forever. But boy is it exhausting!

All of this causes me to want to eat...even though I can't taste anything and am still stuffed up it's hard to breath. I am not letting the stress win though. I am in control of myself! I can do this...this is one of the easier things I am going through so I can do this!

I'm just looking at pictures of these precious babies and telling myself to "Just Keep Swimming..."

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