Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trying to pretend I'm not sick...

It's caught up with me...the sickness around here. One minute I'm freezing, the next I'm sweating...I have no fever but so much pressuse. I ache down to my feet. You know how your body feels heavy with all of this mucus plugging it up? Well I feel like there is mucus down to my feet. Tomorrow is supposed to be weigh in day, but I defintely feel like I have a few extra pounds of mucus weighing me down.

I've kept my eatting in control for the most part. I had a small mishap yesterday. I was starving after my small bean salad.
Which I suppose was not filling enough b/c I threw in a Tombstone Pizza. I am proud though that I only ate a serving size instead of half the pizza. And then towards the afternoon it got crazy hectic and I stressed and hit the Halloween Candy. Big slap on the hand b/c after 2 Butterfingers and 2 Baby Ruth I realized it wasn't what I was even wanting. I hate days like that!

But for dinner I really cut down knowing I had a few boo boo's in the middle of the day. I sauteed some peppers and spinach and made an omelet w/ 1 egg and 2 egg whites. Pretty good...but starving again by bedtime. So I made hot tea and reminded myself I was over calories for the day and I probably wasn't hungry anyway. Sometimes when I'm sick my stomach feels hungry...but then I can't taste it anyway so I don't know why.

I got a short walk in at Princessess soccer practice. I would have loved to walk the whole time, but Monkey thought the playground was so much more excited than a stroller ride. But at least I did chase him around for more than 30 min.

Today, eating has been right on.
Breakfast - 1 egg and 2 egg whites, spinach, and one piece WW toast

Snack - apple w/ organic peanut butter (1 tbls.)

Lunch - Toasted WW PB & J (2 tsp. of each)
and a handful of baby carrots and half an orange

Snack - Cheerios:) Just enough sugar to satisfy my craving

I've had a ton of water and today is day 4 of no Diet Coke...
Dinner will be grilled chicken breast over a huge bed of spinach and tons of chopped veggies w/ a small amount of Balsamic. I'd love to make it to Zumba, but I'm thinking this body is not going to cooperate:(

Hope all is well w/ everyone out in the blog world! Tomorrow is week 1 weigh in...stay tuned!

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