Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Phew...please let this be it for a minute...

Holy Macaroni - For the last two weeks we have had some crazy sick germs invading our home. It started w/ a fever virus that lasted up to 6 days and hit 3 kiddos. No other symptoms...just high fever. Of course I figured it was H1N1, but they all tested negative. Then we moved on to a little bronchitis in 2 little boys, I got a sinus infection and in the same night came down with a stomach virus which then spread to 3 of the kiddos. And just when I thought my hands we going to fall off from so much Lysol and Cloroxing....the dreaded H1N1 actually hit!

So, needless to say, not much exercising was going on except perfecting my cleaning skills. Which I figured was alright because I wasn't eating much and what I did eat was coming back out. But then I decided it would be okay to eat a little fast food here, or a brownie there, or try a "fun snack size" candy from the kids Halloween bags...bad bad bad! It started me back on my cravings. I mean I can't believe I can get it all out of my system, not even crave a Diet Coke, and with one bite it all changes back.

The good news is I am back on my workout schedule - Zumba 3 days a week, Jillian Michaels The Shred 3 days a week, walking as much as I can, and I'm trying really hard to get Yoga in at least 20 min. a day. It sounds like a lot, but these sessions are very much needed and they really do make me a happier wife and mommy. I don't get much time to myself at all, so as soon as my work day is done and dinner is cooked I'm off to the gym or out for a walk. Mommy's need time too (I keep telling myself this when I am caught up in the homework, whining, and blah blah blah of daily life). The kids don't always want to go to the Y and I'd never get a workout in if they all walked with me...so I have been bringing the two little boys and the "big" kids usually stay with dad or big sister.

Now that baseball and soccer are finished for the season it's time to step my workouts up. My favorite instructor at the Y only teaches Zumba and Yoga during the day when I can't get there...but I just found out she is teaching a night time Boot Camp so I am going to try to get that in one day a week. The other instructors are good and keep me going, but this one in particular really kicks my butt. I keep telling my husband if I didn't have to have a job during the day I'd be one skinny wife because I would take all of her classes she that awesome.

Anyway, stepping it up and hoping the germs stay away for a while.

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