Friday, November 13, 2009

Screaming Abs!

Hello abs I forgot were there...stop screaming already! Oh how nice it is though to be reminded that they are under there. What an awesome week!

Morning weigh in revealed 3 pounds down....wooo hooo!

Highs for the week - I made it to Zumba 3 times, 2 run/walks, and 3 days of 30 Day Shred. Today I pushed myself to do level 2 and that's is when the abs decided to give it a scream along with my thighs...holy moly.

Lows for the week - I'm still craving Cheeseburger Bobby's. Have been for three days now. I'm super proud that I haven't given in, but the weekend is here and I am scared I'm going to undo all of this week's hard work. And I mean hard work!

On a positive note - It's my birthday weekend and hubby and I are actually going on a date. I'm really excited to have some much needed alone time w/ him, but again scared at undoing all of this week's hard work. Did I mention how hard this week was?

I made another Green Monster this morning...even better than the first. This time I added chocolate protein, spinach, skim milk, organic strawberries and a few vegan dark choc. chips. I'm going to get some more almond milk, energy powders, and see what else I can find interest in this weekend at Trader Joe's.

So here's looking at you week...and ready to start the weekend. Wish me luck!

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