Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spend the day being "Danielle"

Today I woke up knowing I got to spend the day just being me...

I woke at 7:00 and even though it was already hot and humid outside I made myself get up and put my running shoes on. I hit the pavement for an hour and came home to shower.

The two big boys have baseball camp this week so dad was in charge of getting them to the field at 9:00. I got the little boys ready and took them to dad at the field and proceeded to hit the salon for a much needed hair color (good bye gray hair!).

I took myself for a Starbucks White Choc. Mocha non-fat no whip...mmmmm so good:)

I spent two hours at the salon, got an extra long conditioning treatment, and left feeling super refreshed.

I then went to the eye dr. to get my new glasses, took myself to lunch at this yummy little sandwich shop in our downtown area that I haven't been to in over 2 years after I left teaching. And it was so good! Then I took myself for a little shopping. I hit Kohl's and Target. And the best news of all...I bought myself a new jean skirt and tank top...and I have to brag a little...I feel like I looked really good in it. I'm not a shorts and skirt kind of girl b/c I hate my legs...but have to say that after losing almost 15 pounds I'm feeling extremely confident. So confident in fact that I then took myself to the mall and hit the GAP and bought two more skirts. I got a total of 4 skirts today. One dark jean, one light jean, a white denim, and a khaki. It is so hot here right now and I start sweating the second I go outside...so I think these skirts are really going to help with that.

So I have new glasses, new clothes, and a new do. I'm feeling pretty confident tonight:) I am planning on a few more items to be purchased this week like some accessories to go along w/ my new clothes. This is huge for me because I always buy the kids clothes...like it's a true addiction...but losing weight have given me more confidence to want to look good for myself. And although my legs are still not what I would like them to be...and unfortunately they're probably not ever going to be b/c I have muscle from my gymnastic days and that's just part of the way I'm built...but I will say that my cellulite is tanning very nicely this summer and helps that a lot:)

Today was a much needed day for me. And it felt so great to be "ME" and not just hearing "Mommy" all day.

I didn't have time to get my nails done b/c hubby had to go to work and it was time to be mommy again. But I did paint my toes and paint my finger nails.

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