Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello? Can you hear me now? Anyone?

Okay so I am a little blog illiterate. My great "blog friend" Melissa let me know that my comments were blocked and only members could comment. WHA? How did I? I have no idea! I think I was trying to block the Asian spam coming know the ones "blah blah blah (that's b/c I can figure out how to write in Asian writing) Bon Bon Sex"....and then there was "Blah blah blah touch blah blah blah crazy here blah blah blah move it like this blah blah blah...and crazy other stuff.

So anyway I think (I pray and hope and all that good stuff) that I have it fixed and figured out. I'm still working on this whole blog thing and I bet if I wasn't potty training, being a maid, being taxi mom, laundry goddess, trophy wife at the ball field, chef, personal assistant to 5 off spring... Oh no worries I'll work you in!

I am determined to figure this all out and make a really cute, hip, cool, and groovy place for all of the mommies of the world to pour a cup of coffee (or glass of wine), get a few laughs, and help to make their lives a little less stressful and seem a lot more exciting...

Fingers crossed!

Also, come back later because I'm joining The Mommyologist for her Sexy Mom Prom! I'm so excited and giddy and can't wait to post my pics.

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