Thursday, May 27, 2010

When it rains it pours...

About 6 weeks ago Little Monkey was playing outside and came in from the sandbox swollen, red and covered in what looked like hives. So I drugged him up with Benadryl and rushed him to urgent care...on the way he began choking and coughing swelling so much he wasn't recognizable. I had no idea what was happening or why.

The receptionist saw us come in and immediately got the doctor. She grabbed my other boys, kept them in the waiting room, and sent me back. Before I knew it LM was getting shot up w/ shots and drugs in his mouth, oxygen was checked, temps. blood pressure...and finally after a few minutes our wonderful urgent care doctor (who pretty much sees me once a month and tells me I'm like family) says, "Ok mom, what happened?" I tell him he was in the sandbox and all of the sudden was swelling and turning all shades of red and white. On the way he began choking and coughing and his tongue was swelling. So, he says it's sand fleas or something else bit him but we could tell b/c he was so bumpy, red, and swollen. He gives us a prescription for an Epi-Pen, keep him on Benadryl and Zytec for 24 hours, and sends us on our way (after a long observation).

The next morning I figure out it's an ant bite. Well, 6 weeks passes and we're all good. Until this weekend it happened again. We were at the ballfield and he got bit by an ant....a stupid black ant...not even a mean red one.

So Princess snatched him up and put him in the van. I drove quickly to the store, got Benadryl and Zyrtec, and headed to Urgent Care once again. Our favorite doctor was not in, but she was still super nice. Long story short...hahahahah...he is now on Zyrtec all the time and the Epi-Pen is on me at all times.

Then today T-man (10 yr. old) comes home with a red swollen "private" area. So off to urgent care we go. Our favorite doctor is there, checks him out, and send us off to the childrens hospital for an ultra sound. We get to the childrens ER where they waisted no time rushing us back.

Another long story short...he's going in for surgery next week for a hydrocele. Basically something common in infants, but because he is 10 he needs surgery to close up the hole so his bowels and intestines do not come through. Tonight he is resting comfortably w/ a bag of frozen peas and legs propped up on pillows.

I, on the other hand, just took a Hydrocodone for my Carpel Tunnel and am headed off to hopefully a few hours of sleep...hoping Tman doesn't wake in pain and Little Monkey w/ his teething will sleep tonight.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! I am so sorry to hear all of that! I hope you have a weekend of no urgent care visits :)