Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Weather Gods over Georgia,

This is an ammendment to today's original post:) Thanks to a wonderful husband I was able to run during nap time today. 3.2 miles of walk/run...the wind cuts like a knife...but I felt awesome by the time I was done...thank you.***

I am sending this letter to you so that you might consider changing your mind. You know you never know until you ask. So here goes.

I have a problem with your current patterns. You see I have recently starting running...which I love by the way. It really helps me clear my head, relieves much unwanted stress, and give this mom of 5 about 45 minutes of uninterrupted alone time with just some tunes that keep me going. However, recently you sent out a teaser of sorts. Last week you allowed the temps. to hit almost 60 degrees. To which I was super grateful. Unfortunately, you have since changed your mind and sent us lots of rain and freezing temps. once again. Then today I see that you are considering sending us a "wintery mix" this weekend. I wish you would reconsider. What was the probem with the 60 degrees? Maybe I could fix it.

I'm not sure if you've ever run on a dreadmill or around an indoor track...but it is not clearing my head like it should and it actually causes me to be really bored.

Okay okay so you're not buying that. Well, how about that my scale hasn't moved down in two weeks. Can you do anything about that? I really need to go out and run...baseball season is fast approaching and all of my free time (hahahaha that is hysterical...mom of 5 working full time has free time...hahahaha)is about to be taken up with various boys practices at different times on different days. We have a mini vacation coming up. And so on and so forth....

So you can see I'm busy, stressed, and really needing to stay motivated. Please Please Please consider sending 50-60 degrees and sun instead of freezing temps., rain and sleet our way.

I would forever be grateful!
Mom of 5 who's incredibly stressed, losing motivation, and actually kind of tired


  1. Seriously, the weather is crazy here too! It went from 50's to 22 this morning! UGH!

  2. Can you channel the weather Gods in California also, cause we have had rain for 3 straight weeks!!! I am sure you understand 5 kids, inside for 3 weeks, we are all going CRAZY!!!! You are so lucky to have gotten out for a run!! Congrats on all the hard work!!