Friday, January 8, 2010

This is the life...

I awoke this morning after a very well rested 8 hours of continuous sleep. I then prepared a gloriously healthy breakfast for my eager to please children and super husband of the year. The dishes are done, kitchen cleaned, everything is put in it's place. I've done loads of laundry and put it all away and made every ones bed in their extremely clean rooms where every toy and book are put in their proper place. This place is sparkling clean as is we had a maid. I'm now sipping coffee in a cafe' while I type away about my wonderful life. I'm making a list of the numerous things that I will accomplish today...pick up the dry cleaning, hit the gym for an hour of spin class, have the carpets cleaned, hang new drapes, reorganize the entire kitchen, read a wonderful book and meet up with friends for drinks after I've prepared a glorious dinner for my family bathe all the babies and cuddle and snuggle them in their beds...

(Cue the SCREEEEAAAAAACCCCCCHHHHHIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG halt noise and crashing car noise)

A ha ha ha ha ha who am I kidding...that stuff only happens in other peoples houses and in my dreams.

In all actuality we are iced in an unable to go anywhere. I only got about 4 hours of extremely interrupted sleep. Little Monkey was up to his shenanigans last night and woke at 2 throwing quite a temper tantrum. Bubby had a friend spend the night since we knew we had no school today and he woke up several times and ended up sleeping in our room. Then around 4 Little Monkey woke again leading to a bit of a snippy fight w/ that super husband b/c he was tired and needed sleep so I should have left the screaming baby in his bed. Really b/c I'm super rested and not needing any sleep after 4 days of this craziness! I got mad and stomped out of the room w/ the screaming baby and finally fell asleep on the couch for 2 more hours. (Super husband is still sleeping soundly with no children in his bed or even upstairs for that matter.) Then the other kids started waking so I made chocolate chip pancakes (and not the healthy type at all) and a huge pot of coffee. As I sit here looking around the dishes are piled up, the kitchen a huge mess, toys are scattered everywhere, laundry is even everywhere b/c they just take stuff off and randomly throw it wherever they happen to be and well I can't even begin to describe what their rooms look like because I've asked them to just close the doors b/c I can't bare the thought of it. I think tonight will be an eat out night if the roads clear a little b/c the kids have free meals at a local burger place. And the gym? Not gonna happen b/c they are closed! But I will get my Shred on during nap time...that's a promise I intend to keep myself!

But the good news is I have a 3 day weekend...and today is that day I'm totally going to accomplish all of the things I have piled up and have been waiting for this magical get it all done kind of day.


  1. As I read, I became more and more jealous. LOL!
    Your life SOOO sounds like mine (but with only 2 munchkins!)
    I hope the roads clear so you don't have to cook!