Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Hello sore muscles I forgot I had"

Oh my goodness I am totally loving this new DVD. I actually look forward to doing it and think about when I can do it again. I went to Zumba this morning with very sore thigh muscles...inner thigh muscles to be exact...probably ones that haven't been used since my gymnastics days. After Zumba I was super exhausted and needed a nap...but with this cute little man constantly following me around saying "Mama Mama" "Please" "Mine" "Please Mama Mama!"

There was no way I could even sit for a minute to rest. And there was a pile of laundry a bajillion (as I am sure all of you know this is truly a number when it comes to laundry)miles high. I was able to make a small dent in it...but then we went to the mall...and came home with more clothes b/c Old Navy was having a super duper sale. And now the pile is bigger! I have yet to figure out why I buy the kids more clothes to make my laundry increase...especially when they really aren't lacking anything. I went to get a few things for my brother's baby boy he had this week...but ended up with stuff for my kids too. All I know is it's probably a good thing I only have one girl...b/c Gap and Gymboree tutu's, tights, dresses and hair bows kept catching my eye. And trying to convince a 13 year old girl you want to put her in tights and tutu's was a no go. Don't get me wrong she loves to shop...just not the cutsie stuff I want to put her in.
I even called hubby from the mall asking if we could please try for another girl. I have her name picked out and everything. He hung up on me! UGH! Maybe when we win the lottery he'll let me adopt! Then we could afford all the cute clothes and Pottery Barn rooms we wanted:)

Okay that was a long winded random mess of craziness! Back to my sore muscles...I'm really sore. Like sore where it hurts to bend down and pick up little Monkey, or chase him around, or even to tie my shoes. It's starting to get better after a lot of stretching today. I decided that since I went to Zumba I would skip the Boot Camp DVD...but I'm already planning it for tomorrow during naptime.

And the best news of all....drum roll please...I've lost 2 pounds this week since I started doing it. This is great since the scale hasn't moved in two weeks! I am only a couple pounds shy of my first 10 pound weight loss and hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can say good-bye to the 140's. Then I can get my first goal prize...a new workout outfit. I need different pants that won't make my butt look so jiggly during Zumba. I currently wear Old Navy sweats that are kinda like yoga pants...really comfy but really make my booty jiggle.
So I need suggesstions for good workout pants...inexpensive and not booty and thighs are too large for spandex.
Okay ya'll have a good rest of the weekend...I'm hitting the bed so I can have energy for tomorrow. Grocery shopping, baseball try-outs, and of course my new DVD! And that bajillion mile high laundry pile....bleck!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. I seem stuck right now. :(

  2. Congrats on the loss! I like the BCBG pants from Academy. That's their store brand. Their compression pants aren't that tight and I love them!