Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"

After an extremely stressful week - last night I was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. But Princess agreed to watch the boys so hubby and I could go on a super hot date...hahaha we were really going to pick up a new steam cleaner and we decided to take advantage and go eat w/o any interruptions. We headed to his favorite place Red Lobster. I got a little worried...I began thinking what am I going to eat. I hadn't looked up the menu and figured out any points before we left and I really did not want to ruin this week's progress. Even though this week was full of stress I really rocked my workouts and stayed within my points almost everyday (w/ a day or two taking away from my flex points). The truth of the matter is I've always been able to do well during the week...then the weekend gets here and I seem to undo all my hard work. Well last night I said (to myself of course I wouldn't want to blurt out random things and have people think I'm going crazy for really) "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels". I have had that fried shrimp and french fries, yummy cheddar bay biscuits, or loaded baked potato and so on and so on a million times. And I knew it tasted good...but I also knew that I would not be happy with myself afterwards. So I opted for this (my husband thought I was super weird for taking a picture of my food but whatever)
We sat down and immediately before I could think twice said "I'd like a water with lemon please and can you only bring two biscuits when you bring them." I knew if I drank water through out the dinner just like at home I would eat less. And I also knew I wouldn't be tempted by those darn biscuits if there was only enough for each of us to have 1. YAY I was on a I ordered the Wood Fire Grilled Shrimp and asked him to please have them cook it without the buttery garlic sauce...with rice pilaf and plain steamed broccoli. I had done it...ordered the healthiest thing I could (oh and salad w/ fat-free dressing on the side...which I barely used...go me!).
I finished off the shrimp and broccoli...and half of the rice. And guess what? I felt full and satisfied. No grease, no frying, and only 1 biscuit.
So off we went with the rest of our date...and trip to Best Buy for the steam cleaner, looking at new baseball gear for the boys at Dicks, and me thinking the whole time "What should we do for dessert?" Instead of saying anything out loud b/c hubby is a total sabotager I kept this dessert fantasy to myself. I knew as soon as I mentioned it we'd be pulling through the Bruster's or Cold Stones in no I began thinking about which hot tea I would make when I got home. And mmmmmm a cup of hot tea was just what I needed! We were gone a total of 2 hours....I know wild and crazy right? But it was so nice to eat and talk w/ out being interrupted, no food was thrown, nobody spilled anything, and no one got hurt or cried for any unknown reason. I also got to hold his loving hand without any foreign sticky substance on it:)

So ladies I had a super successful night! I caught glimpse of myself in a mirror at one of the stores and thought "I look kind of skinny". And hubby remarked, "I think your jeans are too big." These were brand new jeans I had just bought at woo hoo!
So while I had the "skinny feeling" I decided to grab my tea and head upstairs to try on some other jeans that hadn't been fitting...and success...some really fit and some I could get buttoned but weren't quite ready to be worn in public. But the fact of the matter is ladies it's happening this weight loss thing and I are really starting to hit it off!
I woke this morning with a lot of excitement. I headed out to Zumba w/ a great big smile on my face. I totally rocked it..didn't slow down once. I feel so energized today and I might actually get all the laundry and cleaning done. Well that's I'm sure I'll find something else exciting to do:)

Have a great weekend my bloggy friends!


  1. Awesome!!! I know you many not feel it, but you are definetly inspiring!! You make me want to get up and do a workout!! Congrats!!

  2. Good for you. I'm glad you had a good time and how awesome that you looked skinny. Gotta love too big jeans too. I hope the rest of your weekend is awesome. The pic of you two is great. You look fabulous!

  3. OH, I would love it if someone told me my pants were too big!
    Congrats and keep it up!!!

  4. Your food choice looks wonderful! Great job on the portion control :-)