Monday, January 11, 2010

It's cold...really really cold!

What a weekend! We were completely iced in on way out...stuck...trapped...prisoners in our own home...Okay well it wasn't that bad. Princess and T-man had gone to spend the night with friends as soon as we heard there would be no school. And Bubby invited a friend to our house to spend the night. I knew this was going to be the day that everything would get done. After all we couldn't go anywhere. I did make a good dent in it all...the whole downstairs was cleaned and lots and lots of laundry got done. Of course by Saturday you wouldn't have even known that I spent my entire snow day cleaning. The place looked a mess! Why? Why? Why? I just wanted one day to sit and relax and feel the clean. Oh well such is life with 5 children and a husband.
But on the positive side...the kids totally loved their day off.

On another note: I was able to get to the gym on Saturday. I love the Arc Trainer...I did 30 minutes of interval and then I did 30 minutes of walking with weights. While walking I would do lunges and squats with the weights and then I did about 10 min. of ab work. I later told my husband if I didn't have to work I would be a totally hot wife:) I have come to the determination that I love being at the gym. Once I'm there I could stay forever. It's the obstacle of getting there with 5 kids and them actually wanting to go. I also got in a long walk yesterday. The wind child was about 5 degrees and the actual temp. was 24. It was crazy but I needed it! And after an hour of walking with several hills I headed home to thaw out. It was so nice to get out and clear my head.
And Saturday night I was able to sleep through the night...of course it was only 6 hours but felt good to sleep straight through. Little Monkey had spent the night with my mom while we took the other kids to Monster Jam @ The Georgia Dome with some friends. They had a blast... and I must say I was quite excited myself.We spent much of yesterday watching the Monster Jam on the Speed channel and playing with all the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks.
The big boys picked out several to give to Monkey because they felt bad that he didn't get to go.
So now he's crashing all the trucks and cars in the house...They tried to go out and build an obstacle course in the sandbox...but after about 10 minutes decided it was too cold.
Please let this week bring warmer temps.!!! This frozen momma is ready for some spring weather, singing birds, the smell of fresh cut grass, and runs glorious mind clearing no worry kind of runs.


  1. My son would love Monster Trucks! FUN! You look gorgeous in the pictures!!
    Glad you got to go to the gym. Doesn't it make you feel so "accomplished" for the rest of the day?

  2. We took my son to the Monster Trucks last year and he got sick in the middle of it!!! It was a lot of fun... until the sickness came. I want to try to take him again. I live in South Carolina, I wonder how far we are away from you :-)