Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beautiful Blogger, Crazy time, and Ready to move on...

First, I want to thank Melissa for my Beautiful Blogger Award. It really made my day...heck after the week I'm having it made my whole week:)

So 7 random things about me:
1. I am a mom of 5 and I'm scared of the dark. My side of the bed is furthest from the bathroom and of course my bladder only last a couple of hours at best (I have 5 babies what can I say)so in the middle of the night I run and hop over hubby to get to my side. I'm always afraid something is under the bed that I can't see. I'd never admit that to the kids b/c I would totally be a hypocrite when I tell them there are no monsters under the bed.

2. I secretly pray for another baby girl. I know my husband prays for no more children at all so I wonder if he crosses out my prayers. I have prayed for this baby girl for awhile now...and since it hasn't happened again I've started praying for God to take my wants for a baby girl away...I know one of these will happen on His time.

3. I graduated on the Presidents list w/ a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education (all while I was working full time and raising babies). However, after a few years of teaching I really want to go back to school to be a nurse. I would love to be a labor and delivery nurse but haven't quite figured out how to fit school back into my schedule.

4. My husband and I were set up on a blind date...I actually ended up dating someone else in the group that we all went out with. But after three months we became good friends and realized we should be dating. 12 years later we've had four more babies (even though he only wanted one more...)

5. I live in the south, but during the summers as a kid I lived on a farm in Ohio. I'm originally from there and instead of my mom having to put me in daycare during the summers I'd spend the summer with my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and lots of cousins. I really wish my kids could have this experience...and I really wished we lived on a horse farm:)

6. I was an only child growing up (which is why I wanted so many kids)but when I was 12 I met my half brother and sister (who were one year older and one year younger than me). They are my dad's children...who I only met once when I was 9 and haven't seen him since. My brother and sister and I have kept in touch over the years, but they live in Ohio so we don't see each other often. Thank goodness for Facebook.

7. When I was growing up I played softball and did gymnastics. I had to quit gym when I was in the 8th grade and I remember it being the most devastating thing to me. I picked softball up more intensely at this point and played through high school. When I get back into great shape I would love to teach gymnastics one day.

Well this week has been extremely exhausting...both mentally and physically. My body is super tired and so is my I think I might sneak in a few minutes of rest while the littles are napping. Happy Friday!

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  1. Don't you love Facebook :-)? Great list! Have a wonderful weekend!