Friday, January 15, 2010

Show Us Your and weight loss tricks

Today I joined Kelly's Show Us Your Life about weight loss and workouts tips.

I was an extremly active teenager. I did gymnastics and played softball all throughout high school. Then I started having babies. After each one I would nurse as long as possible and this did the trick for me. Then I hit my 30's and baby number five. He threw my whole body out of whack. I had done Weight Watchers a little after babies 3 and 4...but was never trully committed. But the weight would just come off. This time around has been different.

I nursed until he was 10 months old and also started working out at the gym about 3 days a week. I had lost all but 10 pounds of the pregnancy pounds (I had gained 55+ with this pregnancy). Then I stopped nuring and gained 10 pounds back. So the last few months I decided this must be the weight I'm going to be now.

I had a hard time accepting it, but wasn't really willing to do anything else than I was already doing. I love food...and coupled with cooking for a big family, snacks for the kids, and drive-thrus it was hard to not eat what they were eating. I would go to Zumba classes (which I love) about 2 or 3 times a week and lots of walks. However, I was losing 5 pounds and then gaining it right back. I think I lost the same 5 pounds 10 different times in the past year. In December I started reading a lot of fitness and healthy living blogs and decided that truly I wasn't happy, but I was worth it. I have recently found several blogs that actual moms have created and lost the weight. One of them inspired me and encouraged me to try Weight Watchers again, but this time actually join the site and become accountable (thank you Melissa). I joined December 21st and since then I have lost 5 pounds. Yes this is the same 5 pounds, but the good news is it's not the fluctuating pounds I used to see on the scale. It's actaully gone. I am now committed to this weight loss journey.

Along with the Weight Watchers I am taking my Zumba classes at least 2 days a week and am a beginning runner (Couch to 5 K also thank you to Melissa)at least 2 days a week. On the opposite days I am doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred to tone up along the way. I am excited about this journey and can't wait to show off my new bod this summer! Here's me after my sweaty Zumba class:)
I love all the healthy sites about natural raw foods...but I still love junk. So I love Weight Watchers because I can have all the raw veggies in the world and still have points to spare and have a good night out every now and then.

I hope you join me on my journey and I look forward to reading so many others. Oh and I love Extra sugarfree gum...I chew it when I cook so I'm not taste testing and whenever I "think" I need a snack but I really don't...and lots and lots of water:)


  1. You have so many great ideas about weight loss and seem to have such a great attitude!! I am also a mommy to 5 (and I also have 2 steps), so hearing about inspirational weight loss ideas is great!! Can't wait to read more from you!!!

  2. Thank you!! If you have any C25K questions, especially when it gets time for that 20 minute run (are you already there yet?) just let me know!!
    You look fantastic!