Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mischevious is an under statement

Once upon a time I had 4 children. Being a teacher and mom made me a little crazy and stressed no matter how many cute little bundle of joys I delivered. So I begged and begged for #5. And when he arrived he was one of the easiest babies ever.

His brothers and sister love him so much! They all took to "mothering" him and teaching him. He just laid back and took it all in. And then one day, soon after he turned 2, he combined all that he had learned into his cute little body...and crazy things began to occur.

He began taking over his brothers beds and eating snacks while watching T.V.

Washing his hands 2.5 million times a day...except when I tell him to.

He has learned the art of good temper tantrum, telling me "NO" quite often, refusing to do what his brothers and sister say, and even resorts to screaming at the top of his high pitched lungs...which immediately sends them running away from him.

Thanks goodness he is as cute as he is! And he brings great joy to this otherwise laid back quiet family...hahaha yeah right.

But it's moments like this that I totally cherish most because he completely wears me out!

Each night I know I need a good nights sleep because he starts off his mornings raring to go.

To be continued...

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