Friday, May 29, 2009

Laundry...Oh how I dread laundry

I love a clean house. Vacuum, mop, kitchens and bathrooms are done everyday no problem...but I hate laundry. The putting in and moving to the dryer deosn't bother me. It's the folding and putting it all away that I absolutely dread. Sometimes I leave it in the washer and it has to be washed again. I also hate to smell mildewy. Well this year I decided that the kids could really help out with this...especially since these clothes being washed everyday are mostly theirs. So I put a system in order and most weeks it works very well.

Each child has their own laundry basket (I chose rectangle so I could fit a lot in). I pile shirts on one side and pants on the other so they can easily put them in the correct drawers. They are responsible for getting it to the laundry room on their day and that afternoon putting it all away. My chart looks like this:
Sunday - Sheets (everybody brings me their own sheets, but I help all the boys put them back on.)
Monday - #1 Princess, hubby and mine
Tuesday - Tman and Bubby
Wednesday-Tooker and Baby boy (these two are washed w/ special detergent for sens. skin and allergies so they are only washed together and not combined w/ others)
Thursday- Towels, blankets, and various misc. things
Friday-anything that's left or if someone needs something that they may have already worn
Saturday-usually hubby or myself needs something by this day and I catch up on anything that's left over

I typically have 3-4 loads everyday with all of their stuff, but this at least cuts down on the "mommy I can't find my...or I need this clean by tomorrow". I tell them get everything to me on your laundry day or it won't be done. Then when they arrive home from school they must put their baskets of clothes away before playtime. I also keep hangers in the laundry room so that I can easily hang stuff that I don't want them shoving into their drawers.

I still despise laundry, but at least I have a system that at least cuts down on it piling up so much that it's overwhelming. And I love that they can all put their own stuff away except the baby of course. I have also used matching up the socks as a punishment if need one likes matching up a huge pile of all white socks.

The huge pile of white socks was also a thorn in my side. So I decided to buy each child socks that had different color writing on the bottom (Haynes has a variety of color writings). And now when I match I know which pair belongs in which baskets. On a side note - I even bought them their own color toothpaste so I would no who to blame when it didn't get rinsed out of the sink. This worked until they decided to get back at each other and "borrow" someone elses toothpaste. Oh well I tried.

I hope this helps all of my other laundry hating friends out there. Someday I'll post some to go pictures.


  1. Ha Ha about the toothpaste! I know the pain of laundry too! I don't do it everyday and then pay for it on the weekends! UGH!

  2. You totally crack me up!!!
    Those are some great ideas!