Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adventures on the way..........

This weekend my baby became a teenager. 13 years ago I was scared to death about being responsible for this little person's life. Well, I was only 18 and this precious princess was my graduation present. Even so any first time mom can relate to adventures never taken. #1 Princess and I have been on a wild ride together ever since.
Shortly after her delivery she stopped breathing and was rushed to the NICU. The first time I got to see her and eventually hold her she had IV's and tubes. Talk about making your nerves go really crazy. She held on strong and a week later she was able to come home. She's been a feisty little bugger ever since. Watching her fight I should have known what an adventure we were about to take together. Strong willed, OCD, and once she sets her mind on something there is no changing it. All of these traits I am trying to be patient and understanding with, and I know someday they will be great attributes to have. The teenage years are unknown to me at this point, but I figure by the time Baby Boy gets there we should have it down and know all of the tricks he might try to pull.
I have had several friends giving her advice on how to deal with her most embarrassing mother. And to them I say one day you too will have a teenager (and most of them daughters) and by then it will be old hat for me, and I will fill their teenager in on all the crazy ways to embarrass their parents.
Looking forward I hope these years are good to us. I hope she realizes what a special bond a mother and daughter share. I hope she chooses her own path and doesn't always follow the pact. But most of all I hope to come out of this as best friends (in the end ,not now of course). My wish is for her to be the best at being herself and not worry about trying to be someone else or someone others think she should be.


  1. I can't believe that it was 13 years ago that we sat in math class - and they day you didn't come because she was on the way! Congratulations on raising a beautiful daughter (along with all the boys, as well!).

  2. Love this blog entry Danielle. Your daughter is a great kid and a wonderful student...being her third grade teacher. :) Kids grow up so fast don't they?!