Monday, June 1, 2009

Menu Monday

On the menu this week -

Monday-Spaghetti and meatballs along with salad and cheese garlic bread(your choice of chopped up veggies mixed in the meatballs)I also love Grinders Italian seasoning or I use fresh oregano and herbs.

Tuesday-Jo-Lynn potatoes- My aunts family recipe. It's basically cubed potatoes mixed with shredded cheese, sour cream, butter and cream of chicken soup. I also add ham cubes and crumple Corn Flakes on the top drizzle w/ butter.

Wednesday -Sesame Ginger chicken, fried rice, steamed veggies (carrots, string peas, water chestnuts, and broccoli)

Thursday - London Broil on the grill, red potatoes, corn

Friday - Fried chicken tenders, baked mac n cheese, and zucchini and squash sauteed w/ EVOO

I love having this planned out, and the kids know exactly whats for dinner so I don't have to answer that question a million times.

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  1. Great idea. I remember my mom trying this for a while. Also works well for making sure that a variety of different foods are eaten throughout the week. I love zucchini and squash, I always make sure I have some in my kitchen.