Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great potential...very discouraged...

One day I think -"Wow you look great for having 5 kids" and the next day I see a picture and can't believe that's me. I want to be able to say "Wow I look great because I work hard and just look great". I don't want it to have the clause "for having 5 kids". I know 5 babies can do a number on your body...but I am getting so discouraged with myself over this weight loss or lack there of. After #4 was born I lost it all and then some by the time he was 10 months. Of course I was working hard because my ten year reunion was coming up, and maybe that's what I need a goal of something important coming up. Baby #5 is 13 months and I had lost most of it by the time he was 6 mos. but I have since gained 10 back. I love to exercise and do so as often as possible (at least 3-4 times a week and now that it's summer it's 5-6 times a week). But for some reason I cannot seem to budge the scale. I know that I am an emotional eater and when things get crazy around here I catch myself heading to the pantry. I also know that we ate way too much fast food during baseball season.

So, I am trying to decide if I should join Weight Watchers again or if I should just keep pumping up my workout and watch my calories. I just wish I had the magical answer b/c I know I have the potential. I think that's why I am so discouraged....because I know this body has great potential I just need to get the eating better and show what it can achieve.

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  1. I think just try to make sure you go on a long (45 min) walk daily. You can break it into two smaller segments if you can't find the time.

    Also, try drinking only water. This really helps a lot. If you are used to caffeine drink herbal tea.

    If you are really motivated, running does wonders for weight loss. Even something as simple as jogging around the block once. In time you'll find that you're running more if you start off small and keep at it. Try it and see if anything changes.

    Also, housework really does help (more incentive to like doing laundry!)