Friday, June 26, 2009

Simple treasures

I have always been a bargain shopper. Never pay full price, always use coupons, shop clearance, and I love hand-me-downs, and garage/consignment sales. I am a bit of a name brand snob, but honestly they do last longer and I always find a deal. Well this week was no exception.

I made the decision a few years ago not to send our children to preschool or pre-k because well I have a degree in ECE and figured why not put it to good use on our own children. They are only little for such a short time and I wanted them home as long as possible. So I started using a homeschool curriculum with Bubby and Tooker and will plan to do the same w/ Monkey. I've been on the hunt all summer for different hands on homeschool activities for Tooker and his pre-k experience. I have wanted a set of wooden blocks like the ones they use in kindergarten and the preschools around here. Melissa and Doug have a nice set but it runs around $50 and isn't that big so I'd need two. Well on our treasure shopping trip to Goodwill this week I found a set hidden in all of the kitchen supplies (why it was there I do not know). $15!!! What a steel! I am super excited and it has enough pieces for everyone to build there own town.
The next hunt...a play kitchen, food, and pattern blocks. Hopefully garage sales will be in full swing this weekend with the weather being so nice.


  1. That's a great idea, what a great find! I am also a supporter of consignment stores for kids clothing. In most cases the kids end up growing out of the clothes before they wear them out. Although, certain things are probably better to buy new on sale, such as a piece that they'll get a lot of wear out of or whatnot.

    Not to mention that in America so many people buy things that they don't like or don't appreciate so it's easy to find good quality items at goodwill.

  2. You haven't said much about your step daughter. Does she come over on weekends or is she in another city?

  3. She actually lives in another state w/ her mom. She'll be here in a week for the rest of summer actually. So I'm sure I'll have some fun 16 yr. old stuff to blog about soon:)