Friday, May 22, 2009

Still tweaking but moving forward

I'm still trying to get this blog to be beautiful and full of will get there just a few more tweaks.

But for now let's talk about being tired.
Reason #1 - May is one of the busiest months of the year. The kids are ending school this next week and there are 5 million things to do. Award ceremonies for 3 of them, performances out the wazoo, send in money for anything and everything possible, and of course baseball season is still in full swing.

Reason #2 - A one year old that's cutting 4 teeth at once. Really? I know they need teeth, but 4 at once is a little much don't ya think. He's not been a happy camper. All of these teeth has again caused runny nose and cough - which the dr. says is unrelated- however this has happened w/ everyone of my kdis when they cut teeth. Coincidence? I think not! At any rate he may never sleep again if these stupid things don't break through.

Reason #3 - I have 5 kids.

Reason #4 - I can't sleep myself b/c I have to wake up every so often at night to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, this did not pass after pregnancy. I'm sure this has something to do w/ #3.

Reason #5 - Too many things are always on my mind causing it to wonder and set in panic attacks as I try to drift off. Bills, money (or lack there of), the kids, my husband, laundry, dishes, cleaning other various things that haven't been done in forever, praying for friends w/ illness, or that are trying to get pregnant, or can't, or a healthy pregnancy and baby, and my grandmother, and the list goes on and on...

I know the saying is "You can sleep when you're dead", but I don't want to get to do that yet. If I could just have a day off to pamper myself and sleep - I might feel a little energized and in a nicer mood doing all of the above!

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  1. Hey danielle!
    I found your blog in my referer list and now I'm following you! It's so cute! I am glad to read about your life with 5! I am just hoping to survive number 3!! LOL!