Monday, April 19, 2010

1 pound at a time...1 less snack day

This whole weight loss thing was really starting to get to me. The first 2 weigh ins were so exciting! Over 2 pounds the first week and almost 3 the second week. Then. It. Was. Only. A. POUND! And then weeks 4 and 5 were .2 of a pound. And then...week 6 NOTHING!

But I did realize after looking over my workouts and food journals that I was eating normal...not cutting calories...and I was working out once maybe twice during those weeks. At that point I realized that it was okay that I wasn't losing. The best news of all was that I had actually lost the 10 pounds...and it wasn't coming back. So what I know now is that I can maintain it. I can eat mostly healthy 80% of the time and have sweet treats ocassionally and eat out once a week if needed...and not freak out!

What I have also come to realize...which I've read over and over that losing slowly is really the key to keeping it off. That's the problem I've had in the past. I have done a lot of "Lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks" type diets and workouts that help you lose fast. But for me after the three weeks I completely burn out...and stop. So the weight might go away fast, but it creeps back up and usually a few extra pounds tag along.

I am really excited about this eye opening experience. Even thought I am doing this 10 Week Biggest Loser Challenge and I pledged to lose 15 pounds I am okay with it going slowly. At this rate I won't be down to 135 at the challenge, but the fact that I am so close to being out of the 140's and the scale hasn't crept back up is more exciting. I also knew that I wasn't going to win this challenge b/c the majority of the other people had a lot more weight to lose than 15 pounds.

I also know that I can only fit in so many workouts a week and am not willing to do more to really push myself. That's why I am afraid of the P90X type workouts b/c I know I won't be able to keep doing them for long amounts of time. I need a healthy weight, but also LOVE spending time with my family and enjoying their evening activities. I know that there are some weeks I can fit in more, and I know that some weeks I'm lucky to get a walk out to the mailbox.

I wish I was that kind of person that could get up and exercise in the morning...but 5:00 is way to early for me to drag my butt out of bed. The summer will hopefully be easier because I really do like early morning workouts, but I like them after a full nights sleep and when the sun is coming up. And as much as I love my Zumba class some nights are just impossible to make...and with 5 kids I just can't get through everything I need to at night to get a run in. But there are only 6 weeks left of I'll keep going at this pace and just be excited with each little bit that goes away.

Happy Monday!


  1. Glad to hear that you are still doing good! My son and I did the P90X together yesterday. It was fun!

  2. You go girl! I saw the boys in Kids Zone last night, sorry I missed you though. You can do it and make sure to pat yourself on the back every day - you DESERVE it!

  3. You are so right about losing slowly being the way to go.
    Those .4 and .6 losses add up. They really do!!

  4. It's sound like you have the right mind set, and are doing it the right way! You're absolutely right, the slower it comes off, the longer it stays off. Don't be afraid of P90X, it's hardcore, but burns major calories! My husband and I even sweat big time doing the p90x yoga DVD!

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