Friday, April 23, 2010

How We Met

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today I've joined Kelly's Show Us Your Life...

I was 19.
He was 23.

I had a daughter.
He had a daughter.

I had a good friend that I worked with.
He had a good friend that he worked with.
They were married.

They set us up on a blind date.
We met up in a group at the 3 Dollar Cafe.

I walked in and looked over at the bar. "Which one is he? That one there with the hat turned backwards w/ the super cute body? No? Ummm that one...over there with the arms and muscles I'd like to touch? No? Well I don't think he's here then."

"Yes he is...right there."

"WHAT? That guy? He looks like a DORK! Are you sure that's who you are setting me up with? Come on? Really? White button up shirt, black tight jeans, and black high tops? And a hair cut from 1985 (we met 1997 so he should not have had that hair cut!)? Are you sure?"

And so the night went...we all sat together outside on the patio. Everyone in the group (all 8) knowing we were supposed to be on a "date". We spoke....very little. Because, after all, I thought he was a DORK! We spoke about our daughters, the beer he was enjoying, me going to school and work...

Then someone got the bright idea to go bowling. Sounds like fun right? NOT! As I'm walking in I see him...pulling something. What the hell? It's a bowling bag (more like a suit case) on wheels. Are you kidding me? He pulls his bowling "suit case" in and gets his ball out. His own fitted, perfectly sized to his fingers, bowling ball! And his own shoes. This was my cue if I'd ever had one. RUN...RUN FAR...VERY VERY FAR!

I actually ended up "hanging" out with another guy who was out with us. We hit it off for some reason. I was not looking for a relationship. I was actually in the middle of a divorce... at 19... and raising my daughter on my own...with no help from her father. So, I was really looking to just have a good time and enjoy a little freedom of not being tied down.

The next week I met my blind date at the grocery store where he worked. I was with my friend who was taking her husband lunch. My "date" says, "So what do you do all day? Just hang out with friends?" Ugh what a jerk! "No", I replied, "Actually I work and go to school." He says, "Why are you off in the middle of the day?" "Ugh because I work part-time b/c I go to school the rest of the time and I happen to have a day off."

He sounded so full of himself...and made me sound like a bum! My next response was, "At least I'm going college. You work in a grocery store! What else are you doing with your life?"

Fast forward a few months....My "date" calls and says, "I don't think we got off on the right foot. Let's hang out and try this again." I hung up. He is persistant. We become friends. Hanging out with our "group" and get to know each other. Only as friends...

Next thing I know we are hanging out a almost every night. He comes to my house, picks me up for dates, brings me flowers, we introduce our girls...and 13 years later we have 6 children together.

Funny how one blind date with the dorkiest guy I've ever met can turn into the hottest dream boat of a man whom I have all these children with. And quite often I remind him of what a dork he was. And how awesome it was of me to come along and save him from himself. And now...I find him extremely sexy and find myself drooling over him even...and I love how when he holds my hand he still makes my heart skip a beat.

Who knew?


  1. That is such a sweet post!!! What an awesome story :)

  2. fun story. I love that he had his own bowling ball and shoes.

  3. What a great story!! Isn't it funny how we fall in love with someone so opposite of what we imagined???

  4. I loved this post! Cute story! I love that you thought he was a dork! :)