Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy, Sad, Stressed, Giddy, Blessed, Frustrated, Excited, CRAZY!

These are just some of the emotions that I have had as a parent lately.

Happy - These children bring me such joy as a parent. To know that I am capable of making such gorgeous, intelligent, witty, and humorous children. I love being their mom!

Sad - Because they are growing up too fast. I took Princess shopping this weekend for her 8th grade formal. After all the short dresses, I highly considered visiting the Amish community and having one made for her. I also received her schedule for next year...HIGH SCHOOL! On that very same day I registered my little Tooker for kindergarten.

Stressed - T-man is extremely smart, but is easily frustrated. When he doesn't understand something right away I believe he completely tunes out. Which is why he stressed all weekend over a project they are working on at school. Being the protective mommy that I am I e-mailed the teacher to let her know how frustrated he is. Of course it was a misunderstanding, he didn't listen to the directions b/c he thought it was too hard, and so no work was done in class. Thank goodness she gave him and extra day so he can finish tonight...and of course I have to fit that in with his chores, other homework, and baseball game.

Giddy - These kids make me laugh so hard. Princess made a card last week for our anniversary and she drew crazy pictures of her dad and I and let us know we are getting OLD. My Bubby is super crazy lately...he has asked me every night to scratch his back and give him a massage...just like his dad. So each night I've gone into the big boys room they've started laughing before I even come near them. They love for me to pound on their backs and bang their legs w/ my fists. Listening to them laugh and watching them squirm makes bedtime fun!

Blessed - Because I am amazed to have 5 healthy children. I could have never even dreamed how wonderful my life would be. They are truly awesome!

Frustrated - My Monkey keeps me on my toes...ALL DAY! Last week he decided he wanted his toe nails painted and while I was cleaning the downstairs he went in Princesses bathroom and proceeded to paint his entire foot and floor hot pink. Two days later he dumped out the entire bottle of nail polish remover on my bathroom floor trying to clean as I had after his nail polish incident. He never stops...ever...even in his sleep.

Excited - That summer is coming in 5 weeks and my kids will be home. No more bus in the early morning, no homework, baseball all-stars, swimming, picnics, hikes, museums...I can't wait!

CRAZY - 5 kids will do that to you! From getting up, dressing, ball games, homework, picky eaters, tired and cuddle time and story making sure all the necessary hygiene and doctors appointments are taken care more love than you can imagine yet not enough time to sit and enjoy it.

I love being a mom, but holy moly I'm tired!


  1. Love it!!! I like how you broke it down to the different emotions. Any luck on selling the house yet?

  2. I really like this post. I can sympathize with most of it.
    Parenting is such a roller coaster isn't it.

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  4. I'm home with the kids this Summer. I would LOVE it if we could have an outing with our kiddo's together one day. One of those hikes or picnics, maybe? Let me know!