Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No I haven't been abducted by aliens!

Although my kids are on Spring Break this week so it does feel a little foreign to me to have them home all day....and me not working...but so much to do so not much fun is being had. Maybe aliens would have been a better solution.

Anywho, we have been super busy getting the house ready. I had no idea how much work would go in to this. But the boys have helped me work in the yard. I have completely gutted the kitchen and prepared many boxes of garage sale items. Hubby has taped off the entire downstairs and upstairs so he can paint the trim and freshen it all up. Painters came and painted the outside of the house so it's sparkly new. Today I have got to finish all the kids rooms. It's super difficult with an almost 2 year old who seems to destroy whatever room I am not in which makes for another clean up.
I am trying to go through boxes of summer clothes at the same time to see what fits and pack up winter stuff. Ahhh it's crazy! I'm not sure I could ever survive a complete make-over or re-do an entire house. The mess is killing I look around I think we will never be done. But we must push through as there is officially a sign in the yard and people are hopefully going to start coming to see this place.

I am also restarting WW today...I know you didn't even know I stopped right? Well, I didn't either until I got on the scale today and saw a 2 pounds gain from last week:( I guess I just have been putting things in my mouth as I get through these hectic days and not even realizing it. And the Easter candy doesn't help. But anyway I'm getting pack on track and will prevail!

A few pics. to leave you with just so you know I'm alive:)

After uploading the pics. I realize this is the first Easter I do not have a family photo or even one of just the kids all together. And I didn't take pictures of coloring eggs, hunting eggs, or finding their candy. I won't get mom of the year this year...oh well...


  1. I hope you get the offer on the house that you want!! Don't you hate that you do all of that work to make the house look awesome, and then you move!!! Have a great night!

  2. Wow! Busy! I am so like that with WW. Sometimes I totally forget I am on it.
    So sad.
    They are just totally making money off of me.

  3. Just checking in on you! Hope all is well. Love the pictures. You have such a beautiful family.
    Also wanted to make sure the Road ID made it and you didn't have any trouble. :)

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