Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hotels can only bring you closer...

2 adults, 5 kids, one room, 2 beds w/ a pull out couch...
Brings a family closer...

Well, sorta...

We're traveling for the Little League World Series. Bubby's team started a tournament Thursday night. We haven't slept much at all...well mommy anyway. The first night I woke up every hour...and I mean every hour. The second night there was a car alarm going off for more than 4 hours. My neck is sore and my head has been pounding. Little Monkey does not understand how to be quiet in the room, or to lay down in the bed.

We have an extra little guy with us. The boys are having a great time. They have truly enjoyed staying up late, swimming, playing baseball in the halls, running from room to room, eating out, and most of all jumping on the beds.

It's been great for us. Even with the lack of sleep it's been really nice hanging together and being this close.

Oh yeah and watching lots of baseball and dodging thunderstorms.


  1. Wowee wow wow! That's a lot of people in one room! Sounds like lots of fun! Hope you're having a great summer:)

  2. Holy fuck... I'd be sleeping in the car!!!! HAHA! Have a good time hoe!