Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More fear and anxiety...being a parent is HARD!

So last week I told you how scared I was for Princess to be starting high school. Well this week brings a new fear.

With four kids being in school there is a lot of paperwork that comes home to fill out. I dread it every year actually because I know it will take up my whole night and my hand is killing me from so much writing. I am the one to fill out the paperwork, at first it was because my handwriting is neater being a teacher and all, but now it's because I am the only one who actually knows the information.

Full names, birthdays, ss#, student ID number, emergency contacts and numbers, addresses, phone numbers of all sorts...apparently hubby doesn't know any of it! As I sat filling the paperwork out all night he says, "Wow that's a lot of information you have to remember. You should write it all in a book and label it 'If I die'." What? He thinks I might die? But he's right. He has no idea most of the important information about the kids or myself.

So it really got me thinking. Maybe I really should make him a book. A chapter for each kid. I should include all the #'s and facts that pertain to each one. Various doctor numbers and who goes to each one. But what about all the things that I do that he doesn't know about?

Like the fact that Chase (Little Monkey) likes warm milk before bed, still requires a pacifier and blankie to sleep through the night, likes to run his hands through my hair when we read and snuggle, and hates to have the water dumped over his head when washing his hair. He only gets half of a vitamin at breakfast, does not like orange juice, likes cinnamon and peanut butter in his oatmeal, is deathly allergic to ants and requires an epi-pen, and wears size 2 shorts but size 3 shirts. And how about all the words he says that only I understand? And when he sings "ashes ashes all fall down" he is really singing the "clean up" song.

Ryan(Tooker) likes his milk warm before bed, prefers to wear his hair in a Mohawk, prefers showers over baths, and likes his eggs over easy. Likes ham sandwiches no mayo, likes his yogurt frozen, and says he wants Coke but really means Sprite.

Kyle(Bubby)loves to have his back scratched every night, likes his hair super short, would wear sport shorts everyday if he could, has to be reminded constantly to use the bathroom before bed and to brush his teeth. He writes with his left hand, but plays baseball right handed. He will not share any information with you unless asked directly and often forgets important papers in his backpack. He is good at flying right below the radar.

Tyler(T-man) has to have his feet and back massaged each night, likes it scratched and pounded in a silly way, has to be reminded to take a shower and wear his glasses. He will not read unless he is told to, can get away w/ murder b/c of his charm, and really likes to be told how cute and awesome he is. Tyler does not enjoy school at all except for socializing. He, along with Kyle, likes his eggs hard boiled but calls them "rotten eggs".

Jenna(Princess) can often be found lounging on her bed writing. Her nose is always in a book and I-Pod headphones are always in her ears. But she is taking it all in at the same time. She loves to text and socialize with her friends as long as they don't stay too long. She prefers an early bedtime and can become grouchy if she doesn't get her sleep. She hates doing dishes b/c she hates to touch other peoples food, but will be more than happy to help pack things when it's time to go somewhere. And she loves to try new foods!

Being a mom sure does require a lot of a person! I better go get started on my dad book...this could take awhile. I sure hope God doesn't need me anytime soon. And I promise the next post will be more upbeat...any requests:)


  1. You have such a beautiful family. You are not only a great mother but an amazing woman! I applaud you, Danielle!!

  2. Oh, I loved reading about each of your kids! They are all adorable in their own unique way.

    And that mohawk? I love it! I want to have a little boy just so I can give him a mohawk!!