Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello? Fall? Are you there?

I've made pumpkin muffins. I'm enjoying Pumpkin Spice Lattes (and I LOVE that Coffee Mate has come back out w/ their flavor too so I'm not throwing down $5 everytime I'm hankering for one). We've gotten Macintosh apples from Trader Joe's (b/c those were my grandpa's favorite) and made homemade warm apples and applesauce. I've made several peach cobblers.

We've been to the pumpkin farm for our annual hay ride. We brought home some baby pumpkins. We have been on several scavenger hunts for fall foliage. We have brought home our loot of pine cones, acorns, baby pumpkins, and a variety of fall colored leaves to decorate our dining room.

I had great visions all summer of having some great afternoon runs after work. After a 10 hour day full of wonderful kiddies I would love to take a nice run before the craziness of my evening shift takes over. BUT IT'S TOO HOT!!!

I find myself still getting up before the roosters just so I can get 45 min. to an hour to myself before my day is consumed by meeting the needs of 10 other people. After I talk myself into stop hitting the snooze button a gajillion times I truly do love my morning walks/runs. But I would really love to get more sleep! So I have visions of running in the afternoon or early evening. I think it would give me a great break between work and hectic evenings. BUT IT"S TOO HOT!!!

Today, even after an afternoon of thunderstorms, it was 80 degrees. I know that should feel better than the 100 degree summer days. But I like to feel the coolness on my face...not the sweat.

There are cooler days in the forecast. So hopefully Fall is actually coming...hopefully before the freezing winter get here.

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