Friday, October 22, 2010

Show Us Your Life...Childrens Rooms

I'm linking up today to Kelly's Show Us Your Life Children's Rooms.

Jenna is the only one who gets her own room (lucky girl!) and it's the biggest of all of our rooms (again...lucky girl!). She has had it this way since she started middle school, so now that she is a Freshman she is looking for a change. So, I'm planning on a room change for Christmas:) I've got my eye set on several things that she has been pointing out. I'm excited, but not about the we will be sanding her walls down b/c of all the painting the hubby did before.

Chris made her furniture (I picked it out of a Pottery Barn catalog) and he painted and designed the walls by himself. With a little help from Ashley and Jenna.

She has a corner desk and an armoire that cannot be seen in the picture. She loves the furniture, but is ready for new bedding and excitement.

Next up is the big boys room. Tyler and Kyle are both into sports so we have decorated with all of their favorite teams flags and sports bedding. Again, Chris build their beds. Both beds have great bookshelves and drawers underneath.

And now for the little boys room. Ryan and Chase have an animal themed room. Alligators, monkeys, zebras, and lions to name a few. Chase is our little monkey so it's very fitting. Daddy made their dresser, but has not had any time for bed making this go around. Unless somehow I can convince him to build while he's coaching 3 baseball teams I don't see it happening. So I am on the hunt for some bunk beds for these 2 boys.

All of the kids bedding came from Target. I know you can't see the crib bedding too well, but it almost matches the twin bed perfectly. I LOVE Target!

Now if they would stay this clean all the time:)
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Love the new header picture!! Such cute rooms!! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Your children's rooms are all beautiful and so different!

  3. Your daughter's room is my favorite! I can't believe your husband made that furniture! Amazing!!!