Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dyson GiveAway....what a dream come true!

My Organized Chaos

Super Excited about giveaways. But wow this could be the best one ever. Oh how our home could use a Dyson...of any kind. The suction power, removal of pet hair, and allergens...and the even have a specific allergy kit w/ special filters. If I don't win I cam going to convince hubby that this would really be one of our best investments. Considering 4 of the boys have asthma, we have a dog (that sheds all the time), and well we just have mess. Between the kids coming in from the sand box, the dirt in the yard, and baseball cleats from the ball field you can imagine the dirt that piles up. I sweep and vacuum everyday, but the floor never seems completely dirt free. It would be really nice to win this and would definitely be worth the investment.

Check out MyOrganizedChaos for more details on the giveaway.

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