Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well it's back to reality around here. The kids were off last week, and I took off Thursday and Friday. I had a great 4 day weekend! Of course I had a garage sale, cleaned the house, laundry etc... so it's never really a vacation but it was still nice.

A new motivator...I have a friend that I went to school with from elementary all the way through high school who posted a weight loss challenge on her Facebook this weekend. So I jumped on the chance to keep myself motivated. She has set us up for a 6 week challenge on Fatbet.com. We all entered our weight, our target weight, and will put $5 or $10 into the "pot" and the winner gets the money.

Last night I picked out an outfit, printed it off the computer, and I posted it to my bathroom mirror to remind me of my goal. I also sat down to map out my C25K program. I put it on sticky notes in my planner and I will finish up my first 5K in less than 8 weeks on my birthday! Another great motivator seeing it mapped out and knowing I can do this by my 33rd birthday.

This is my planner for the month of October. It's quite scary when I look at the whole calendar of everything that everyone has going on...but when I break it down by the week it doesn't seem so bad.

I will do the C25K plan 3 days a week and on those days I will do my 30 Day Shred since they are both 20 minutes long. Then on my non running days I got Jillian's Trouble Zone workout that is 40 minutes long. My plan is to take every Saturday off. But that is why I put my workouts on sticky notes so I can move them around if I need to.

Now to get my menu planned...

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  1. Competition is a great motivator! I love that we have a Biggest Loser competition at school.

    What a great idea about putting the workouts on sticky notes for mobility! Smart thinking!