Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Looking for the silver lining

Trying to find the positive in a bit of a rough time...bullet form.

*Running your own business has it's down falls...and there isn't a consistent income. This year I lost 4 of my daycare kids and have only been able to replace one. All were for good reasons, but all the children on my waiting list have found other care. Needless to say I'm making half of what I was making last year. But guess what? The bills haven't cut themselves in half...so I'm searching everywhere to find things we can cut out...which isn't much.

*I have found Dave Ramsey in the hopes he gonna help us! And I'm learning to tell my kids "no" which I apparently haven't done enough of in the past. We've never been on a budget like this...even when I wasn't working and was going to school. Of course we didn't have this many kids at that time.

*Over the summer I gained back all my weight that I worked so hard to lose...but I had a great summer!

*I've got my "groove" back and am currently working my butt off...hopefully literally...but man am I sore.

*Running, Zumba, and the 30 Day Shred have helped tremendously clear my head this week.

*I'm also excited that I have been able to find time to read lately.

*I've realized I spend a lot of time waisting time. I love to read blogs and read about other peoples lives. I'm super nosey and love to see the way other people live. Things they do with their kids, their workouts, and all their accomplishments...but keep telling myself "I just don't have time to do that with my kids or for myself". So I've decided to set aside a certain time each day to read blogs and FB once I have done things to better MY life.

*One of my new favorite shows is "Quints by Surprise". Casey and Ethan Jones are some of the Joneses that I want to keep up with! Their house is always clean, they never say a cross word to each other, they work together even when super stressed, and they seem so absolutely happy! I prayed last night for that kind of strength and patience.

*Our main computer has a major virus and is at risk for crashing...so I can't upload any of our fun pictures! This is hard b/c I love sharing my pictures.

*There aren't many part-time jobs out there to supplement our income until I can fill my open spots. Especially for a mom of 5 with very little time. My husband and I both work 50-55 hours a week, he coaches 3 of the boys baseball teams, and it would cost more to pay someone to watch our kids if I were to find a night time job.

*The school system isn't hiring. So glad I have a college degree that really isn't helpful right now...who would have ever thought that teachers wouldn't be able to find jobs!

*Our kids are healthy, happy, and aren't lacking anything! And for that I am more than grateful!

*Okay off to Craigslist and E-bay to sell things we no longer need. And to prepare for a garage sale for this weekend.


  1. I'm right there with you! I really wish money grew on trees. I sure have learned how to be humble these last few years. Also, the kids have learned about economics and needs vs. wants. If we ever get out of the "pinch" I promise to NEVER take a dollar for granted again!

  2. I just found Dave Ramsey too!!! We're starting with this month's pay checks, and I'm so excited to see the difference!