Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where do my 24 hours go each day?

Baseball games have officially started. We have 6 games this week alone! That means I'm:
**spraying, soaking, and washing uniforms
**planning dinner and preparing by 4:30
**homework for 4 children has to be done by 5:00 (and btw kindergarten sure does have a lot more homework than ever these days!)
**oh yeah running a daycare for 10 hours of my day
**busy creating a new blog for my daycare families so they can stay informed about all of our exciting adventures and projects around here
**cleaning the bathroom every 5 min. b/c we're doing lots of potty training
**picking up shoes, socks, random toys, locating missing DS's
** dishes, cleaning the kitchen
** making and playing play-doh, drawing in the sand, painting the sidewalk, singing and dancing, teaching letters, colors, #'s, blowing bubbles
**signing lots of agendas and school notes, writing checks for picture days, and Boosterthons, checking teacher websites for newsletters and updates
**making lunches
**laundry- and lots of it!
**Various other time consuming tasks that only I seem to remember need to be done each day...you know like taking out the trash, paying bills, bathing children, cleaning out the car, cutting coupons, grocery shopping, walking and feeding the dogs, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and being taxi mom...

And the list goes on...and sometimes I even manage to sneak in a trip to the bathroom all by myself and if it's a good day I get to SHOWER..ALONE!!!

Whew! I'm tired...naptime anyone?

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