Saturday, July 11, 2009

All Together

Our oldest daughter finally arrived for the summer early yesterday morning. It is so nice to have all of the kids together. We miss her so much when she is not here. So much in fact that anywhere we have gone the last two days they have fought over who gets to sit by her.

I dropped the girls off at the movie theater today, and I actually sat watching them walk in together and it made me kind of sad. One because they live so far apart most of the year and I wish they were able to really have that close sisterly bond. They get along very well when they are together and seem to have common interests. I just wish they were able to live together and really have that bond that I never had w/ any sisters. Another reason it made me sad is because they are growing up so fast. I use to love to read and have tea parties in the tub with them. I loved to put their hair in rollers before they went to bed. When #1 Dad was working nights and it was just me and the girls we would go to dinner together and laugh and giggle. There was a pizza place that they always wanted to go to because they would give us pizza dough to play with at the table. They were so little then and many things they don't remember and that makes me sad too.

At breakfast this morning I told them stories of when they were little together. Dancin' Girl was 5 and Princess was 2 and I remember very clearly the time they got so mad at me for making them clean their room and they plotted against me to put me in the basement and call Ms. Hannigan. We used to watch Annie together over and over and over again! They laughed so hard when I told them that story.

I am looking forward to the next three weeks of getting to reminisce with them about all the fun we had when they were little. I am also so happy that all of them have their big sister here and get to "hang out" with her and create more memories together.

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