Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hiatus... But back and ready for a new start

We've been off to the 6U Little League World Series w/ our little Bubby. Man that boy loves baseball. We've been home a day and a half and all I hear is "Mom will you pitch to me? Play catch? Please? Dad...anyone want to play baseball?"

This whole summer revolved around baseball and various weekend to mid-week tournaments.
I can't believe my summer vacation is over in less than a week. I am ready for us to get back to a schedule and routine. I know hubby and the kids are too. I've been quite cranky lately. The house being disorganized and me not having any time to myself what so ever makes for a cranky mommy. I long for the days when things are "done" and I can find a good book and fall into bed. Every night lately I've thought to myself "There is so much to do when I get up in the morning. When am I going to be able to enjoy climbing in bed and reading again?" I'm not seeing the light yet...but by next week I have no choice but to have everything done as I start work back up on Monday.

I am ready to get back on our schedule. I like having dinners planned, going to the gym, baths done, and everyone in bed before 9. Maybe when the kids start back to school in a week I'll get my reading and gym time in.

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