Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Are you feeling guilty about the lack of attention you gave to your children this week? The house being messy when your husband comes home? Answering the door in your pajamas? Well don't be! Mondays were born to confess all of the things we did "Not Do" and is a great therapy for moms everywhere. Check out MckMama's page and see what so many other mom's are Not doing also.

This past Sunday I did Not allow my children to stay in their pajamas for more than 36 hours. Of course that would not be something this very loving and on top of things mother would do. Therefore, I also did Not wear my pajamas the entire day either. No way Not me!

This same always on top of it super mom did Not allow the children to even play outside in the sandbox and play baseball in those same pajamas. What kind of mother does that? Definitely Not this one!

This same super mom would Not have allowed those same children to then snuggle up on the couch with her in those same dirty pajamas that were slept in, eaten breakfast, lunch, dinner, and played outside in to watch a movie together. No Way! That is horrible parenting. This said movie was also Not put on after the 9:00 bedtime. There is No way that any of this would be allowed to occur.

I also did Not leave all of the sleeping children on the couch and floor in the living room to head up to my own comfortable bed so as to not disturb their sleep.

I also did Not give my 14 month old baby who has been off the bottle for over 2 months a bottle at 6:00 AM knowing it would probably put him back to sleep. Therefore, I certainly did not get to go back to sleep until 8:45! There is no way I would ever do that just for a few more hours of sleep. No Way! I always get up bright and early to get the day started and a yummy breakfast on the table.

I'm so glad to get those things off my Not to do list! What have you Not done this week?

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