Monday, July 6, 2009

Menu Monday

I haven't updated on what we're eating around here lately because we have been practically living at the ball field. Which totally means all of my adorable children have definitely been eating all the correct amounts of all of the food groups. (Stay tuned for "Not Me! Monday" to find out the Not so real truth).

So this week (still in a tournament if the weather would straighten out) we are eating what's already in the pantry and freezer. It's a hodge podge, but it's time to get it cleaned out and reorganized from all of the recent chaotic events around here. Most of these are just things that I can throw together in a hurry so it's not the most exciting week, but once school is back in session (ahhh did I say that already...I start work back up in a mere 3 weeks...very sad by the way)I'll have much better plans and meals.

A favorite snack around here- Frozen Organic yogurt tubes
(should have posted yesterday)
Sunday-All Beef hot dogs, sweet potato fries, corn on the cob, and baked mac n cheese

Monday-Swiss Chicken, mixed veggie rice cooked in chicken broth, and steamed broccoli

Tuesday-Game Day (right at dinner time and it's an hour away) BBQ chicken or pork in the crock pot for sandwiches on the go, carrot sticks and apple slices

Wednesday-Terriyaki Pork, fried rice, steamed veggies

Thursday-Fried Chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, corn, applesauce

Friday-Hmmmm what's left in the freezer or order pizza

All of these meals are tentative based on how well we do in our Tuesday game which determines what other days and times we'll play.
On the snack side we will be using up all fruits and yogurts and making smoothies.
Next week will be much more exciting. Promise!

"Not Me! Monday" Coming this afternoon:)

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