Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Menu...No Not Me Monday...and it's already Tuesday

Boy I better get it together! This week is passing me by and I have yet to do two of my favorite days. I love having my menus planned and I love venting about things I "haven't" done. But this week has already been so hectic. After 5 kids and crazy schedules my time management is falling apart. You'd think as many years as I've been doing this we could get it together, but ever since little Monkey was born I can't seem to get it all together. The laundry, the bills, the cleaning, the paperwork, daycare things...all of it seems to be lacking. Things are paid late b/c I'm scatter brained and can't seem to sit down to focus to send them or pay them online. The kids don't have things cleaned or their clothes are piling over in the laundry basket. Closets are stuffed to the brim b/c I keep putting "stuff" in them so the house doesn't seem so cluttered. Once upon a time things were organized. I could sell clothes and items we didn't use anymore on Ebay and have extra money in our PayPal. But right now the bins are overflowing and can't get the pics. loaded or items listed. The laundry baskets are overflowing and so are the drawers...my husband says "Do they even wear all of these clothes?" I am a clothes hoarder I think. If it's on sale and super cute I can't resist. I just think my kids look so cute in them. When I was growing up we didn't shop much at all. Maybe at the beginning of the school year, and I didn't wear clothes from the stores "the rich kids" were shopping at. So now that I have kids I think I am trying to make up for what I didn't have and really want them to fit in and be accepted by their peers. That sounds like I need some sort of therapy or something, but I can't resist cute clothes for them. I don't do this for myself...mostly b/c I hate trying clothes on especially when I'm holding on to 25 extra pounds from all these pregnancies or so I think. I hear the average woman wears a size 10-12. Well I'm not there but I've always been unhappy with my body so I always think I need to lose weight and then I'll go shopping. Hmph another thing I've let go of lately. A good workout! The days just seem to come and go and the list gets longer and longer. I'm afraid if I don't get it all together I'm not going to be living a very fun life b/c I'm so worried about what I haven't done and what needs to be done.
I was very motivated this weekend and into yesterday. Cleaned the house, cleaned out things we weren't using (in one room anyway), laundry was going well...but then T-man came home from school with homework, 2 projects, and other work he wasn't able to complete in class. Well after spending 3 1/2 hours with him begging, pleading, bribing with him we still weren't finished after dinner and I was too spent to help anymore let alone do anything else around here. I'm praying he gets his act together this year or it's going to be very long. I have the kids I've always dreading having in class. He's slow, distracted easily, can find anything else to do except what he should be doing, gets easily frustrated and overwhelmed. My first priority is to make sure he's taken care of and has a good education so he can eventually move on in life...although he has informed that education is not nearly as important as I say it is because his wife will have a good job. Of crap where did I go wrong?

Okay I guess I'm just having one of those oh woe is me days. Back to making a list and getting it all checked off. One more cup of coffee and here I go! Sometimes I need to just look at all their sweet faces to remember why I'm doing all of this!


  1. Don't let it get to you - you ARE Supermom. And a hottie to boot! No kidding - you DO look fabulous, I swear. One day in a funk - no biggie, brush it off. I think my Amberly and your T-man are the exact same, she struggles in the exact same ways and therefore, so do we with the homework. Your day today is my 'normal' every day - and that is what I am striving to rid myself of. I want to get to where you are on most days... So, whether it helps or not, know you have an admirer from the other side of The Falls! Hope Wednesday rocks, Danielle!

  2. Thanks! It's so nice to get a boost and hear I'm doin' alright most of the time. Of course it's hard to see for ourselves...