Sunday, August 2, 2009

Meal Plans for the Week

Lists made, coupons clipped and organized, shopping finished, pantry, freezer and fridge fully stocked and ready for the week. Our kitchen is over flowing with all the great advantage buys I found this week. With school starting back tomorrow we needed to stock for everything. This week I spent $216 and saved $120 something...and with all that I bought I probably won't need to shop next week except for fruit, veggies, milk, bread, and deli meats. I can't believe all of the things I was able to get this week.

Anyway, I'll start with Saturday b/c I made a really yummy meal last night and we have made a plan to not eat out for the next month. I have also added that everytime we want to go out we will put the cash we would have spent into a jar and at the end of the month see how much we saved. I'd like to use what we save over the next 2 months toward a vacation in September. And maybe one day we'll go out on a date alone...without children...although me may talk about them the whole time and miss them so much we'll come home early.

Saturday- Lasagana (made w/ sausage and added finely chopped veggies)and cream cheese garlic bread

Sunday- Shephard's Pie and green beans (made w/ bbq pork)

Monday - Turkey Stromboli, spinach, and strawberries

Tuesday - hamburgers/hot dogs, mac n cheese, fruit salad

Wednesday - Terriyaki chicken, fried rice, steamed veggies

Thursday - Baked Ziti, salad, and cheese garlic bread

Friday - Grilled chicken, broccoli, and what ever fruit is left over from the week.

I have several desserts to be made as well - strawberry shortcake, brownies, pnut butter cookies w/ Hershey Kisses, and several flavors of ice cream.

Time to bathe and get little ones to starts tomorrow!

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  1. Yummy! I am coming to eat at your house! Can't believe your kiddos start school tomorrow! it' SO early still! love the new look of your blog, super cute!