Friday, August 7, 2009

Things I've done today...

Made breakfast-twice- once for my oldest 3 heading off to school, and once for the daycare kids and my youngest 2, got the 3 kids off to school and then the fun began. I had a few yummy cups of coffee and toaster strudels pretending I was at a chic' coffee shop. Then danced to some old 90's tunes and played follow the leader. Together we built a tower of blocks for the little guys to knock over. Headed outside early before the heat was too much to bear and played w/ the parachute and pretended to be a scary monster and chased the young ones around screaming. I've colored several letter A's and discussed the color red and number 1. We've played many counting games and have read several books. I taught my 4 year old to finally cut in a straight line along w/ his little "school" buddies. We made lunch together and sat down to toast our glasses of milk. They are all sleeping soundly now...and in order for me to not fall asleep I am blogging and catching up on the things going on in the world.

But the things I have not done today...anything involving cleaning or laundry. The worst thing I've done today is change several diapers, but as for "housework" I have decided it was so much more important to really have fun. Besides will the kids even notice that the floors are dirty and the laundry is piling up? Probably not, but they will ask again if we can play freeze tag and search for bears with our flashlights.

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