Friday, March 12, 2010

Another little quickie...

Just a quick update b/c I have 1.1 million things do be doing tonight...

Super good news...drum roll weigh in went well...I lost 2.4 pounds for week 1 of the challenge. I'm so excited!

The kids came in 2nd place with all their points...not good enough for a prize but I was so proud of how well they ate and how much they were active this week.

Another good thing...they are coming to pressure wash the house tomorrow and get it ready for in the next 3 weeks we can finally get it on the market.

Bad thing is...crap we are really doing this and I need Clean Sweep BAD! I think maybe just a bulldozer might might be a better option...we just have so much stuff! And I really need to de-clutter, get ready for a garage sale (which I feel confident if we could sell everything for $1 we could make a $Million$ since that's how full our garage is.

And they cancelled our opening baseball weekend b/c everything is flooded and it's still raining. So now I'm bummed b/c I LOVE baseball season and am so ready to watch my boys play.

And since it's raining and everything is cancelled I don't have an excuse of why I can't get the house clean and de-cluttered at this time.

Another bad thing...I cannot procrastinate anymore...gotta get busy!

So I'm on a hiatus...hiding the computer...and getting busy around here...see you Monday...and have a good weekend!


  1. Good luck with your cleaning! Why are you selling your house?

  2. I just went through all of my spring cleaning. I thought Goodwill was about to send me away with all of the trips I was taking with stuff. I wanted to do a garage sale but I did not want to hold on to the stuff any longer. I hope your decluttering goes well!

  3. We're moving b/c we are hoping to take advantage in this market and get a bigger home which we would not otherwise be able to afford. But of course that is dependant on the sale of our home.