Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Honest Scrap, Defeat, and Victory

Melissa awarded me the Honest Scrap award last week and I'm finally getting around to talking on my blog about it. Thank you Melissa! I am so glad I joined the blogging world. I have truly "met" some awesome people. And Melissa is such a great inspirational motivator.

But a few other updates first. This week has been crazy because I've still been trying to catch up from being out of town the week before last. The kids were let out of school early yesterday @ 10:30 because of snow moving into our area which threw off my entire day. My kids and daycare kids were all willy nilly due to this craziness. Then this morning they decided to delay school opening for 2 hours....but daycare kids still started coming early which threw my whole day off today. Trying to feed 6 kids breakfast, one baby a bottle, and juggling getting my boys ready for school and on the bus gave me a crazy start. I did however get an hour alone before the first child arrived and before my crazys came downstairs. I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee that didn't have to be warmed 5 times and I even got to watch the news and a little Good Morning America. The whole time I was thinking "this would be a great time to workout". But never got my booty off the couch before I heard stirring upstairs and there was a knock at the door. Oh well!

Anyway, I have not worked out since Saturday...ahhhh. Aside from cleaning the house of course. I can see the bottom of my laundry room so there is a VICTORY like no other. And I have vaccuumed and steam cleaned carpets this week. But looking at my kitchen...well lets just not go there.

My eating has been horid! I will say I have my second monthly visitor this month. Hello!?!? WTH! I did not sign up for this "friend" to pay me two visits this month. She is not welcome and needs to hustle on out. I'm guessing it's the crazy pills they switched me to.

As I ate yet another yummy treat last night I wondered if before the contestants go on The Biggest Loser they eat everything they think they might not ever get to eat again. Because that's what I have done this week. Never mind that I've been doing WW for the past two months and I haven't been eating too much "crap" belly hurts. Ick! That will teach me to "binge" on junk.

But no more! Today the BLC starts at the school and I couldn't be more excited. My GF on Facebook told me when I'm done I'll be wearing a bikini to the grocery store just b/c I can! Well if that isn't motivation I don't know what is:) And I'm very excited to meet Antione and Alexandra tonight and hear them speak.

And I'm exccited to report while at my hair dresser this week the receptionist said "You have 5 kids! But you are so tiny." Oh how I love her!


  1. I would say the second visitor is from the pills too! I hate that! I hope you have a great day :-)

  2. I agree with the receptionist, you look great! Good luck with BL, can't wait to see how you do!